EGAAS: Electronic Government As a Service - Efficient tool for the government

Egaas is rebranded from Daylight, because a trademark has been used by other projects.
EGaaS is a blockchain platform for organizing economic, public and social activities.
In EGGAS technology, there are 4 principles needed for efficient translation, which the combination will be a very efficient tool. The purpose of this technology is to be made is to illuminate the niche dai shadow financial system and the political

The four functions are:
1. Financial System
For a State to hitch the common blockchain platform, it must initial open eGaaS accounts for all people and legal entities in its financial organization.
From here onwards, all financial transactions - from buying items in the store for the implementation of the state budget - will be carried out under the control of a smart law.

2. Register Structure
Smart laws and Smart contracts will operate expeditiously on condition that most variety of registries is transferred to the eGaaS platform: registries of individuals and legal entities, property, copyrights, inventions, etc.

3. Smart Contract Algorithm
Smart contracts mechanically implement the rule of deals involving written account objects and with attainable fiat-currency transactions.
All state laws, whose subjects area unit the objects listed within the eGaaS blockchain registries, area unit transferred into sensible law format. sensible laws area unit directly effective laws. Implementing them doesn't need intermediaries or regulative authorities.

4. Mechanism For Formation And Execution Of Smart Laws
Each State severally sets the structure of its state organs, establishes its governance and principles of relations between voters and establishments. eGaaS solely regulates the protocols for confirming and recording knowledge within the registries of governments, provides templates of basic sensible laws and supports their adoption and implementation mechanism.

Who is a team that Egaas Project?
- Oleg Strelenko, Funder, CEO, Blockchain developer
- Alexey Krivonogov, Core developer
- Andrey Nechaev, Mobile developer
- Yuriy Lomakin, Frontend Developer
- Artur Pakhomov, Science Advisor
- Nikolay Kapranov, Lobbyist
- Vitaly Bondar, Legal counsel
- Sergey Chernyshev, Science Advisor at IPE Lab
- Nosova Anna, Public Relations Manager
- Aleksandr Boldachev, Advisor/Analyst
- Ruben Pombuhchan, Advisor at IPE Lab
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out

The EGAAS Application
1. V 0.X - Unstable
This version is powered by private blockchains, it's can used on your PC or local network dan this allows to create eGaas node, etc
Download: Windows 64, Windows 32, Mac Os 64, Linux 64.
** To start work, you must install PostgreSQL. The documentation is in the process of writing. You can also watch the video showing a part of the functionality of this version
2. v 1.x - Stable
This version avaiable both in Lite and in node control mode.
Egaas Lite Download: Windows 64, Windows 32, Mac Os 64, Android, iPhone
Egass Node Download: Windows 64, Windows 32, Mac Os 64, Linux 64
Source code:

The Crowdsale has started on November 15, 2016. You will be able to participate using either with BTC.
Egaas Crowdsale targeted is 500.000 USD or 850 BTC.
5,9M of EGS Tokens will be offering in ICO 1st round. The EGAAS team will use legendary SebastianJu escrow service.
Special bonus for participant Egaas ICO on the 1st day of sales with a 50 % bonus, limited quantity.

Sales in the first stage are divided into five periods with the following discounts:
- 1st day (11/15/16) : bonus 50% 60%
- 1st week (11/15/16 - 11/21/16) : bonus 25% 60%
- 2nd week (11/22/16 - 11/28/16) : bonus 10%
- 3th week (11/29/16 - 12/05/16) : bonus 5%
- 4th week (12/06/16 - 12/15/16) : no bonusses

- Official Website:
- Forum:
- Twitter:
- Facebook:
- Telegram:
- Slack:

- Nov 15, 2016: Interview with on
- Dec 1, 2016 : Wallet update v0.1.4b2
- Dec 9, 2016 : Wallet update v0.1.4b3
- Dec 15, 2016 : Crowdsale Egaas Round-1 is finish and 82 BTC fund raised

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