TOKES Platform - Project For The Cannabis Legalization Movement

As we have already seen that the Cannabis Industry has been booming in some countries, but banks often say no to the law Cannabis Industry.
The TOKES Platform is a digital currency project for the cannabis business and social movement.
The Tokes made to answer public doubts, it's willl to be one of the first projects in the world to combine the technological advances of the blockchain and digital tokens with the cultural shift associated with the marijuana legalization movement.

TOKES can function as a means of financial mobility and freedom for marijuana businesses forced to transaction in fiat.
As the legal landscape and understanding about the differences in bussines, it will be increasingly important to distinguish (with noted varying degrees of psychotropics effects and deficits in executive function).

The mainnet implementation of TOKES will have a number of advantages over competitors in this space, including:
  • Asset Pegging
    TOKES will utilize varied mechanisms to ensure that once a transaction occurs, the worth of that transaction will not change for the holder of TOKES.
    Similar mechanisms will be seen in stable assets such as BitUSD, NuBits, CoinoUSD, Digix, and Tether.

    This feature provides businesses with the peace of mind that volatility in the underlying token will not impact the bottom line financials (either negatively or positively).
    Tokes team believe this will result in much higher adoption rates for businesses interested in this technology than we’ve seen with our peers.
  • Anonymous Transactions
    This feature needs very little explanation or justification.
    As an industry on the leading edge of the legal system, several participants desire anonymity with their purchases.
    Tokes intend to have this advantageous system built directly into transaction layer.
  • WAVES Blockchain Implementation
    Tokes feel that executing our initial asset supplying on the Waves Platform are going to be a valuable partnership, because tokes is a longtime supporter and analyst of developments in technology varies coins.
    Waves propose such as fiat gateways and an enhanced crowdfunding interface will largely benefit early adopters and investors in TOKES. Tokes also believe that a partnership with this blooming platform can assist with the cross-promotion of each technologies.

Tokes Crowdsale / Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will start on December 2, 2016 - January 15, 2017 at 23:59 UTC.
Crowdfund Timeline: 45 Days
Total Coins Supply: 50,000,000 TKS
Retained for Growth: 2,500,000 TKS
Crowdfund Objective: $5,000,000 USD

Incent Bonus: As a result of our partnership with the Incent Loyalty team, all TOKES ICO investors will receive a special bonus in the form of Incent tokens upon close of our ICO. In addition to your allocated TOKES purchase, 1% of the value of your investment will be rewarded as additional Incent tokens (i.e. 1.0 BTC investment equals .01 BTC in Incent). Details about the Incent project can be found at

Time remaining in current Phase (Bonus):
- Bonus Phase (24 hours, December 2, midnight UTC): 7,500 TOKES / BTC = (.00013333 ea)
- Phase 1 (14 days, Dec 3-16, 2016): 5,000 TOKES / BTC = (.00020000 ea)
- Phase 2 (15 days, Dec 17-31, 2016): 4,000 TOKES / BTC = (.00025000 ea)
- Phase 3 (15 days, Jan 1-15, 2017): 3,000 TOKES / BTC = (.00033333 ea)

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  1. Michael Wagner, Co-Founder
  2. Gabriel Allred, M.A. , Co-Founder
  3. W0lf, Codebase Developer
  4. Kristy-Leigh Minehan, Codebase Developer
  5. Anthony Grevich, Network Engineer
  6. Tim Deneau, Interface Design / Developer
  7. Jon Tran, Community Manager
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out:
or Join Slack to communicate with TOKES team!

- Official Website:
- Twitter:
- Reddit :
- Slack :
- Whitepaper: Download

If you are interested in TOKES project, please join and visit Tokes Crowdsale for more details.

- Dec 8, 2016: Interview with the folks over at CoinInterview
- Jan 3, 2017: Update the application UI/UX
- Jan 13, 2017 : Tokes ICO Flash Sale, 6250 TOKES / BTC = (.00016000 ea)
- Jan 15, 2017 : Tokes crowdsale has ended!



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  1. Great project!
    How much fund raised ?

    So, don't missed out join Tokes ICO:

  3. Hi friend, how about Flash sale on tokes ICO? We will get bonus?

    1. Yep!
      - ICO price at Phase 3 is 3000TKS/BTC, it's mean normal price is 0.00033333 BTC @TKS
      - And at FLASH SALE (Jan 13, 2017) is 6250TKS/BTC, it's mean price becoming 0.00016 BTC @TKS

      Don't miss out on your last chance to buy some #TOKES

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