- Distributed Cloud Computing with Blockchain Basis is a distributed cloud computing that is based on the blockchain. The purpose of it is to provide the running distributed applications to be scalable, secure as well as easy to access the service, computing resources and data sets on the blockchain. The technology depends on the smart contracts of Ethereum and enables to build a computer-generated cloud infrastructure, which delivers computing services in the high performance. influences a range of research technology developed at the research institutes CNRS and INRIA in the Desktop Grid computing field. The desktop grid idea or the volunteer computing BOINC is to gather the resources of computer underutilized on internet to perform a very big similar applications at the cost fraction of the traditional supercomputer. From the time when the early 2000s the idea has been pushed by the developer to the great limit. The developer produces kinds of software and also algorithms that presented advance innovations in the data processing area in large scale, parallel computing, data management, as well as dependability and security, interoperability by using eScience infrastructure, and so on. depends on the XtremWeb-HEP, a solid, mature and open source software of desktop grid that gears kinds of features needed such as multi applications, fault tolerance, multi users, virtual images deployment, hybrid private or public infrastructure, accountability and security, data management and so on.

With the availability of, now you can organize the decentralized infrastructures as well as the market places. The market places will be the place for everyone to rent computing resources such as storage, CPU, GPU, and many more. It is also the place for innovative SMEs that make Big Data. Besides, the HPC (High Performance Computing) applications can sell them through the internet directly by using the resources that will make them run. Furthermore, it is also the place for highly valued data sets can be rented by using the model of fine grain business.

Additionally, for the blockchain delivers consensus that has been distributed and resiliency whereas it is being distributed totally. The developer gets it as a great chance to change their way in designing the distributed systems as well as the applications drastically. This platform is actually starting their new era in the cloud computing world.

Therefore, you can choose as the best one to get the high technology of innovation, technology that will be applicable for everyone, a technology that is affordable for everyone, as well as a mature technology that will work well for the users.

Team of iEx
  • Gilles Fedak, CEO, Co-founder
  • Haiwu He, Chief Scientist, Co-founder
  • Oleg Lodygensky, Technical Leader
  • Mircea Moca, Business Developer,Fintech Expert
  • Mehdi Amari, Blockchain Developer
  • Hamid Ben, Blockchain Expert
  • José Francisco Saray, Data Management Expert
  • Heithem Abbes, Energy Positive Server
  • Julien Béranger, Communication & Content
  • Agnès Fedak, Press, Video & Community Manager
  • Cathy Lee, Director of operations in China Mainland
  • Esther Shi, New Media Expert in China Mainland
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: or Join Slack channel to communicate with #RLC team!

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- March 07, 2017 : joins Inria Alumni Business Club
- March 09, 2017 : XtremWeb-HEP 10.5.0 released
- March 10, 2017 : Review about the EDCON Conference
- March 27, 2017 : Announcement iEx partnering with ICO365 (Chinese ICO platform)
- April 08, 2017 : Shenzhen Meetup



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