Internet of Coins Intends to Provide Inclusive Cryptocurrency Network

Cryptocurrency is one of the best ecosystems for financial transaction. The fully digital system promises simplicity, practicality and also better security since no physical form is needed. However, it is not a secret that fully understanding how the system works can be very complicated, particularly due to numerous different cryptocoins available in the market right now. Furthermore, most cryptocurrency transactions so far only involve one or two major cryptocoin companies while the rest of them somehow must adjust their system to those major players in order to give more convenient to their customers.

This is business so every single thing definitely will favor the strong ones. Unfortunately, this practice can make cryptocurrency system more centralized while the truth is everybody knows that people prefer cryptocurrency due to its decentralized system.

Those reasons are why Internet of Coins is developed
Internet of Coins is a new decentralized platform with one goal in mind, which is to integrate all token value system and create an inclusive cryptocurrency environment where any types of coins, wallets, ledgers and system can be used. Internet of Coins will benefit every single party involved in the world of cryptocurrency world. It will still let major cryptocoins companies gain profit without sacrificing the essence of cryptocurrency itself—liberty, decentralization and privacy in making transaction. Furthermore, all the features will be easily used and accessed even by people who are just starting to enter cryptocurrency business.

Internet of Coins will operate in very simple ways. First of all, the developers have created a system that is called HYBRID. Hybrid will link all crypto-ledgers together so transactions will be more transparent. Next, it will provide a very user friendly wallet. This wallet will let people to convert their coins into any currencies and it will be a very secure place to store their digital coins. The good news is, people can easily link their current digital wallet to Internet of Coins’ wallet without having to change the settings. This is because the system of Internet of Coins is inclusive. It doesn’t create an environment that force people to adapt, but a place where cryptocurrency transactions become easier to access.

Internet of Coins is still in its development process and its fundraising activity will be started on Maret 1st will be ends June 21st.
The terms for fundraisers:
- Early Birds are eligible to participate for a price of $0.95 per HYBRID token, 5% below the opening.
- For the rest, the same rewards apply as for all other participants
- Minimum entry for Early Bird advantages: 10 BTC
If you interested and will be participated on Crowdfunding, check this out

Internet of Coins Team
  • Joachim de Koning, Founder
  • Robert de Groot, Co-founder
  • Amadeus de Koning, Developer
  • Ronny Boesing, External Consultant
  • Luca Verhees, UX/UI Designer
  • Steffen Hoffmann, Developer
  • Jelle Herold, Cryptographer
  • Sergey Kazenyuk, Informatics researcher
  • Marjon Riehl, Translation Coordinator
  • Aymeric Vitte, Researcher
  • Pim Weltevrede, Marketeer
  • Matthias Klees, Evangelist
  • George Zeeman, Project Manager
  • Bas Wisselink, Blockchain Advisor
  • Marietje Kardaun, Ethics Advisor
  • Hans Schaaij, Community Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: or hang out on IRC to communicate with the team!


  1. Incorporation

    - Funding round completion
    - Crowdfund platform launch
    - Hybrid asset distribution

  2. Weavechain

    - Weavechain testnet
    - Consensus model
    - Light wallet beta

  3. Transports

    - Encrypted node-to-node transport module
    - Swarming transport modules
    - In client messaging

  4. UX/UI v1

    - Complete asset management
    - Asset recipe standards
    - Node wallet v1

  5. Interlinking

    - Hybrid asset interlinks
    - Advanced token asset management module
    - Hardware nodes

  6. UX/UI v2

    - Advanced token asset management UI
    - Decentralized resources
    - Live node SDK

  7. 2nd Stage Research

    - Benchmarking atomic, haystack,escrow swaps
    - Scalling and refinement transaction speeds
    - High-valume transactions research & testnet

  8. UX/UI v3

    - Mobile UI beta
    - DAPP/DAO interfaces
    - UI oriented REST-API standards finalization

  9. Production

    - Infrastructure live for business-to-business
    - Scalling production enhancements
    - Integration of legacy systems for business

  10. Use Case based Development

    - UX/UI improvements based on use cases
    - Node enchancements based on metrics
    - Mobile wallet v1

  11. Roudup

    - Evaluation of achievements
    - Strategy for longevity and support corporatization

Official Link

- Feb 13, 2017 : Tatiana Moroz interviews Bill Barhydt of Abra & Joachim de Koning, video
- Mar 01, 2017 : Internet of Coins - Project presentation



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