EthBits Powerful Platform Invesment Announces the Launch of Upcoming ICO

A new digital era for fund and investment has come. Liquid digital is now a part of the present and will be an important part of the future. Ethbits is among the leading companies or exchanges facilitating the secure trades for all the traders and investors. They bridge people from bank accounts to online and face to face Cryptocurrency. As of this moment, Ethbits has recently registered their business in the United Kingdom. It now has a huge variety of shareholders that come from numerous countries. Those shareholders work together and have been able to offer the next major braking exchange.

Ethbits Profit Distribution
Etbits has also successfully made agreement to open new offices in several countries including USA, Spain, Australia, China and France and United Kingdom. In the near future, there will be also upgrade of the platform that will turn into the Ethbits iTrade. This new platform will cater for the best Cryptocurrencies. It aims to empower the inexperienced traders and multiply profit of all the experienced traders and investors.

What a great way to grow the investment, right? Yes, you can be one of those successful traders.

Here is one thing that makes Ethbits unique unlike other exchanges. This company will distribute 80% of their profit to their holders. The site fees will be paid with the Ethbits token and all the token’s holders will be paid with the royalties quarterly. Here is another great thing. It is possible for all the token holders to spend the crypto from everyone in the world thanks to the new mycelium card. This way, the token holders definitely have chances to use it easily and safely.

Upcoming Ethbits ICO
Are you always interested in buying Ethbits? There is no way for you to regret this decision. It is especially based on the reason that there will be 4 millions of Ethbits token (ETB) sold during the upcoming ICO. This will definitely be your chance to share profits from this leading exchange.

By choosing this exchange, you and any other token holders will have chance to participate in the so called copy trading. This is a great trading platform that is safe and profitable for both new and experienced investors. This trading platform also has another great feature that allows all the investors to track the 5 best traders. Tracking these best and most successful traders enable the new investors to learn the success tips and gain more profit.

Ethbits team has plans to launch ICO on April 15, 2017 until May 12, 2017!
Time remaining in current Phase:
- 1st week (15/04/17 - 21/04/17) : Price 0.010 ETH/ETB
- 2nd week (22/04/17 - 28/04/17) : Price 0.011 ETH/ETB
- 3th week (29/04/17 - 05/05/17) : Price 0.012 ETH/ETB
- 4th week (06/05/17 - 12/05/17) : Price 0.013 ETH/ETB

Don't worry the EthBits Crowdsale provide escrow will be by 1 agent from Tokenmarket, 2 agent from Bravenewcoin and the remaining Agent from Ethbits.
If you are interested in EthBits project and will be participated on ICO, prepare yourself in April 15 soon!

Team of EthBits
  • Pedro J Rodriguez, Founder / Advisor
  • Monty Singh, Founder / CEO
  • Dmitry Sergeev, Lead Developer
  • Fran Strajnar, Principal Escrow / Advisor
  • Ransu Salovaara, Escrow Agent / Advisor
  • Mikko Ohtamaa, Smart Contract Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: website or Join Slack to communicate with EthBits team!

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