Creating Important Document or Contract in Notary Platform

Nowadays, there are so many platform can be used for creating useful document, such as Notary platform or NTRY platform. Have you ever heard about it? Some people may be so curious about it, especially if they want to create important contract and document. Read the review below to know more about NTRY platform.

The Example Case that Needs Contract from NTRY Platform
There are so many cases happen because we don’t have legal document. Actually, for everything that we want to do and relate to other people, we need a document or contract to do it. For example if we want to buy a car, we have to create document before receiving that car to avoid unexpected thing.

Some people may be interested in using NTRY platform but still don’t know about the use of this platform. Let’s we talk about the example case that need contract from NTRY platform. For example is buying a used car. You and seller have signed the contract for buying a car. And then, in the contract you agree about the condition of car. The condition of car is in pristine condition. But, there is something happen when the car brought to your home. Finally, you may get lost because of it. When you search for legal help, the seller said that it is not his mistake because has brought the car in good condition, but unexpected thing happen when the process of bringing car to your house. Actually, you can prevent this scenario by using NTRY platform. NTRY platform will help you making a legal contract without hiring lawyer or notary.

How to Create Contract in NTRY Platform
NTRY platform uses cryptography as the basic. We know that cryptography is so important to keep the data. So, Notary platform is trusted platform to create important contract. If you want to create contract, you just need to use NTRY platform mobile application. Just download the template, and insert your key information. After that, you can sign the contract using fingerprint or signature with your partner. After that, you will receive the digital document in your email. All of the data in your document “go” through blockchain that will make the document always secure and will not be known by other party.

We can conclude that NTRY platform is smart platform to create important contract without hiring lawyer or notary. Just doing simple steps, you can prevent unexpected things that may be caused by the thing you have conducted with your partner.

NTRY Platform Team
  • Saso Vercko, CEO, co-founder
  • Iztok Perus, CDIO, founder
  • Robert Klinc, Developer
  • Anita Zvikart, Design and Marketing
  • Bilal Arif, Developer, Software Engineer
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