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Regardless of the background or portfolio of a corporation or an institution, all corporations and institutions have one thing in common, and it is the fact that they are all always on the lookout for the best, easiest and most effective way to manage data as well as to perform business. However, when it comes to the legacy system, we often find them to be extremely entrenched within a corporation or institution to the extent they become either hesitant or unwilling to part – let alone shift into a new system. This may pose a problem as the aforementioned legacy systems cannot communicate with one another. So how do corporations bridge these differences and manage to hold an adequate communication between numerous closed source software when their legacy systems cannot communicate?

This is where it gets interesting, just a few days ago the Blockpool announced its crowdsale which takes place from May 1st to June 30th of 2017 and let me tell you something, it might just be the greatest blockchain based platform ever invented and it is not an exaggeration! Blockpool earns its moniker from what it has to offer – its concept, if you will. It serves as a blockchain based pool which caters to a large number of business verticals. Not only delivering real B2B solutions for multiple clients of different client portfolios, Blockpool also protects corporations from issues related to data breaches and instability as well as retention hacking.

Blockpool will start with a supply of 25.000.000 BPL, of which 20,000,000 will be distributed to investors during the ICO, 3,500,000 will be reserved for team (shareholders), 1,000,000 will be distributed for advisors, contractors, and remaining 500,000 tokens will be distributed for Campaign Bounties.

Blockpool (BPL) Specification
  • Name: Blockpool
  • Ticker: BPL
  • Type: DPoS (Delegated Proof Of Stake)
  • Block Time: 15 seconds
  • 50.25 minute rounds
  • 201 delegates
  • 25 million tokens + forging rewards of 5% Annual decreasing
    1% per year until 1% Annual then switching to a fixed block
    reward of 1 BPL/Block thereafter.

If you were anything like me, upon reading this you would be more concerned about bloating than anything else. On paper, the aforementioned concept indeed seems incredible, but we cannot forget the fact that as incredible a blockchain is, it has a glaring problem when applied to this kind of uses: bloating. It may not affect in participating parties in the beginning, but over time, it may become a more serious problem as developers would compete in forcing everything they have into the chain which may result in fighting over block sizes in the community. Adding various legacy softwares into the equation may make things even more difficult, fortunately Blockpool was aware of this issue and came up with its own Blockpool Blockchain. By utilizing DpoS mechanism, Blockpool does not only enable different types of chains for its clients, but also ensures every single information shared and stored remain absolutely private. Last but not least, the best thing from Blockpool is without a doubt its platform plugin’s ability to facilitate cross communications between different legacy systems.



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