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Bitquence. The moment the name is mentioned in a conversation, many people will perhaps react in a rather dismissal tone. Another cookie-cutter attempt in cashing in using the Blockchain technology, they say. Blockchain may be one of the most talked about technology as of late; how innovative this latest invention is, how astounding its security measure is, how reliable its system is, how beneficial it is for those who would like to venture out making new business opportunities, and many more.

As incredible as the technology may seem in the beginning, it gets old rather quickly. Look around, you would most likely notice the trend in which every single company imaginable would all sprint to adopt the technology and make it a part of their system. Quite worthy of rounds of applause considering they care so much about the security and reliability of their system, however, a few of them have also ruined it for all of us in the process. Unlike Bitcoin that’s accessible everywhere and offers more flexibility, other cryptocurrencies offered by these entities often too rigid to the extent of it being inaccessible. Or, with many more options available for us to choose, at times making decision on which project is as astounding as it’s accessible can be tough.

Luckily, with Bitquence, we now no longer have to deal with either of the aforementioned issues. It does not matter if you have purchased a cryptocurrency or you cannot choose one and just simply have the urge to own multiple tokens from multiple projects, that is exactly what Bitquence is for – making the entire asset that we own simplified and fully-accessible.

Its transparency is also another aspect from Bitquence that’s worth noting. Its transparency ensures does not only contribute to your asset allocation, but also the liquidity of you assets. This way, you have nothing to worry about when you finally decide on purchasing multiple assets as there is a feature that is referred to as Asset Allocation. This feature is not only useful for giving you clear and detailed informations to keep you up-to-date about what you have bough and you are buying, but it’s also incredibly useful for when you decide to withdraw, deposit, or make payment. With its Bitquence Liquidity Network, all of the payment you make, regardless of its type can be easily and instantly sent to anywhere in the world. Would like to be a part of it? Its crowdsale will begin in less than 2 weeks so get yourself prepared!

Bitquence Team
  • Shingo Lavine
  • Yu-Jen Dennis Chen
  • Maurice Herlihy
  • Lincoln Lydick
  • Adam Lavine
  • Aiko Nomura
  • Pete Rodgers
  • Ken Nowak
  • Freya Stevens
  • Kevin Saechew
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Bitquence Team or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with #BQX team!

Bitquence Roadmap

  1. Token Sale

  2. Dynamic Asset Allocation

  3. Digital Liquidity Network

  4. Universal Mobile Payments

  5. Global Services

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