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Trading business can be defined as the trading of currency from different countries. In other words, it is basically a process of buying and selling currency done in the same time or the exchange of currency from one country to another. Of course, the accuracy is extremely needed here so that you can gain profits. Unfortunately, the more profits can be found with more experiences as well. It doesn’t mean that the beginners are not able to get the money. However, if you need to try and try again until you think you are experienced and capable enough to read the situation. It is actually just the same with other kinds of business. Experience tends to make you more capable in doing something.

Another important thing if you are interested to join the online trading is choosing the right and proper company. To find out the company is probably really easy. There are now so many online trading companies you can just simply find with via internet. The difficulty may be placed on deciding whether the company chosen is really reliable or not. This is why you must be really careful. As you know, the online crimes are now also numerous using such a business to disguise. If you are not selecting them well, it is not profit that you get but you may become a victim of fraud or scam. There are indeed many considerations you must have before choosing the trading company.

Hugh Madden, CTO
ANX firmly believes decentralized exchanges will dominate the cryptocurrency market. We plan to lead the march toward this future through openANX, which will be fully open sourced, transparently governed, and kickstarted by ANX's technology, experience in operating an exchange, infrastructure, and wide network of users.

First of all, make sure that the company is really credible an reliable. It can be seen from the number of people who join. Besides, if you see that there is no any complain from the members, the company may be trusted enough. It is more recommended then to choose a company that is already established. Helping out the new company to gain customer is indeed really noble but the risk for you is higher as well.

The ability to run the basic of computer is also needed here. Meanwhile, it is a must also for you to spare your time to watch the fluctuations of currency. Joining online trading is a side job indeed. Interestingly, the money you can get here can be even higher than your monthly income from your office. Out from many trading companies, it is suggested then to choose openANX for its credibility. To get more information related to this company, you can go to

openANX Team
  • Hugh Madden, CTO
  • Dave Chapman, Leadership and operations
  • Liam Bussell, Marketing
  • Ken Lo, Strategy
  • David Tee, Finance
  • Jehan Chu, Advisor
  • Zane Tackett, Advisor
  • Chandler Guo, Advisor
  • Bok Khoo, Advisor
  • Ben Tai, Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: openANX Team or submit your email to get invited Slack Channel to communicate with openANX team!

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