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What is BitJob?
BitJob is a very ambitious social project, the project uses a technology called Blockchain. BitJob is a decentralized P2P students marketplace for online short-term Jobs, Powered by Ethereum Blockchain. This project will be a revolution for the students. This project can make students get work while studying. The student will get a lot of work experience in school. The project can receive payments based on the ability to complete work. The job is provided by a professional person. This work can be done in various places with the internet connection. This work can make the students' skills sharp. The student can grow up to become an expert. Usually, students will face major problems in life. The first problem is that the student does not earn money during the learning process. The student has no experience while graduating.

The purpose of this project is to convert leisure time into a valuable income. These students can make online resume interesting and considered by many companies. The project will unite micro-gigs sites with freelancers backed by blockchain technology. BitJob with the first hybrid technology for students and entrepreneurs. Employers will not find it difficult to find labor. The entrepreneur can get cheap labor easily through this project. Students also do not need to go from school to work. Students only need to do this work during their free time or holiday.

This project is in Tel Aviv. This project is led by Dror Medalion. He is an industrial engineer and blocked entrepreneur. The CTO of the project is Bogdan Fiedur. He is a full-stack developer, developer, and contract from Canada. The CFO of this company is Aviad Gindi. He is a mutual fund manager of a company located in Israel. Elad Kofman is the founder of this company who has a high ability in marketing and investment. This project has been launched in 2016. The company issued a whitepaper in 2017. The company will conduct a pre-sale in August. ICO will be scheduled for September.

The company hopes to make a list of such exchanges and disbursements in October. The company also hopes to release a beta version of this website in November. The launch will be scheduled in the first quarter of 2018. The full launch of the beta will take place in the second quarter of 2018. The company is confident that students will love the project. This project can definitely help all students to find a job. Students who have known this company will not become unemployed. The student must have a bright future because it has a wide range of work experience.

BitJob Team
  • Dror Medalion, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Bogdan Fiedur, CTO & Co-Founder
  • Aviad Gindi, CFO & Co-Founder
  • Elad Kofman, CMO & Co-Founder
  • Edward Ruchevits, Lead Back-end Ðeveloper
  • Micha Roon, Ethereum Developer
  • Alex Oberhauser, Blockchain Technologist
  • Lior Zysman, Law & Regulation
  • Yao-Chung Hu, Community Manager- Asia
  • Anton Livaja, Full stack Web Developer & Lingual expert
  • Max Aigner, Blockchain Developer
  • Patrick Mockridge, Recruitment Strategist
  • Cyril Alvarez Adriaansen, BitJob Ambassador & Web Designer
  • Yoel Lapscher, BitJob Ambassador & Industrial Engineer
  • David Mirynech, BitJob Ambassador & Blockchain consultant
  • Prof. Bhagwan Chowdhry, Professor of Finance & Director, UCLA
  • Dr. Theodosis Mourouzis, Cryptography Phd at UCL & CIIM Business School
  • Anish Mohammed, Lead Security Architect, HSBC / Ripple Project
  • James Gonzalez, Public Relations & Marketing Adviser
  • Alejandro Gómez de la Cruz Alcañiz, Blockchain Legal Expert
  • Aaron Schawrtz, Academic Engagement & Business Adviser, BEN
  • Marloes Pomp, Blockchain Projects - Dutch Government
  • Jason Cassidy, Media & Community Engagement Adviser
  • Alexander Rugaev, ICO Campaign & Strategic Adviser
  • Brennan Bennett, Blockchain System Informatics Mentor
  • Alena Vranova, Business Adviser, Security & Wallets Specialist
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: BitJob Team or submit your email to get invited Slack channel to communicate with #STU team!


  1. Concept

  2. Research

  3. Whitepaper & site

  4. Pre-sale announcements

  5. ICO Crowdsale

  6. Disbursment & Excahnge listings

  7. Private Beta

  8. - Beta public release
    - Open platform for developers

  9. Launch & Further Dev

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