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If you are a type of person who likes to explore beauty outside your living place, then you should add to your bookmarks. By this article, we will provide you a brief review of this remarkable website. Spectiv is a site that dedicates the work on making streaming platform of virtual reality. It utilizes a block chain incorporated consideration markets in order to proactively supporting the mainstream of virtual reality adoption.

The Uniqueness You Can Find Only in Spectiv
Through this website, you are able to enjoy various live events. Through the virtual reality system, you can enjoy watching your favourite concerts or even sport events, there more than hundreds possibility available for you from the premium seat proximities. All of the offers brought to you for satisfying your engaging point of view only. By involving yourself on this system, you can enjoy watching various events right when you just stay on your beloved home while you could get the atmosphere of the events at the same time.

What is the difference between this website with the other site providing the same virtual reality field? On Spectiv, the people contributed in the virtual reality involved people from around the whole world. It enables ordinary users to have a streaming experience by using their own virtual reality equipment.

The creation of original virtual reality content under the label of Spectiv is involving the partnership of well-known organizations as well as production companies. On the making process, the production of the contents is with the help of virtual reality technology of cutting edge. Before allowing people stream on the virtual reality, the content then overseen by specific production team of spectiv in order to maintain the good quality of each content.

Partnership and Parties Making Connection With Spectiv
This site is making a connection with many other big companies. Some of them are the Siliconangle, Smith + Corwn, the Cointelegraph, Token Report, as well as Coin Gecko. Besides that, this website also makes a partnership with many companies. The first is Air Piano that already becomes the winner of several awards. This company is also gain a big success in making more than 360 amazing videos production. This website also makes a bond with Jeremy Sciarappa, a company that provides more than 10 milion of reality videos. Other partner on the list are Lucid Dreamscapes, a Luna Blue and many more are about to come.

Spectiv Team
  • Dylan Senter, Co-Founder, CEO
  • Nick Ravanbakhsh, Co-Founder, COO
  • Chris Peña, Chief of Technology
  • Ramon Hernandez, UI Developer
  • Bryn Bellomy, Ethereum Developer
  • Justin Wood, Software Architect
  • Jasmine Nguyen, UX Developer
  • Mirza Baig, Business Strategy
  • Sheldon Weisfeld, Founder of CoinVault ATM
  • Adam Richard, Founder of Volt Markets & Sutton Stone, Founder of Houston Bitcoin Meetup
  • James Duchenne, Founder of Sutton Stone, Representative for the Investment Board of Mauritius
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: Spectiv Team or Join Slack to communicate with Spectiv team!

Roadmap of Spectiv

  1. - Finalize terms of employment
    - Finalize company structure
    - Start initial platform marketing

  2. - Launch Signals Tokens crowdsale
    - Develop platform alpha
    - Hire additional developers

  3. - Release platform alpha
    - Incentivize user-driven contributions
    - Negotiate broadcasting licenses

  4. - Release platform beta
    - Online marketing campaign
    - Introduce advertisers & ad rewards

  5. - Launch official Spectiv platform
    - Build user base
    - Expand content variety
    - Optimize ad rewards protocol
    - Plan for Spectiv original VR content

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