Etheal For Better Future Healthcare

New decentralized Operating System in healthcare industry, Etheal has surfaced and promised better healthcare for anyone in the world to get the best medical care anywhere in the world. This blockchain-based healthcare service is what the now and future needs for better healthcares. It operates as borderless healthcare system which aims to benefit everyone living in any parts of the world. This service means everyone has the chance to get their insurance pays any medical treatment abroad, a typical healthcare service needed when the treatment is not performed in the home country.

Using the new and most advanced technology of blockchain and cloud, it promises rapid improvements in terms of the machine translations. In terms of transportation, it promises lower cost and faster transportation like never ever been before including less regulation and low fare airlines.
What this service has offered is a time-tested way to allow the clients to move funds regardless of physical borders. So, it definitely promises a better and faster way of moving funds. Moreover, its micropayment service is considered quick and low cost. As for the contracts, it is always transparent and fully automated which allows the clients to easily scale on top.

Just like other blockchain-based service, Etheal has its own dedicated token. In case the clients question why token is needed, there are many answers. For instance, the internal token is used as dedicated method allowing the clients to get any discounted services. The token is available in fixed supply which is defined in smart contract that binds cryptographically. The token is distributed fairly and is used as balanced long-term incentives for anyone who uses and contributes to Etheal ecosystem. It also represents the way of ecosystem to gather community consisting of those who believe in better healthcare for the future. Lastly, it also helps the community to access open and fully automated health platform.

In terms of token, there are also the HEAL Tokens. These are particular tokens that used as internal payment for services, for buying research participation, as incentives for patients for moving forward the ecosystem, and also as cross border payment. Exclusively, these tokens are used for incentivization and payment inside the ecosystem. So, when more people use this ecosystem, there will be higher demand for it. In order for the clients or users to purchase the token, they should do the following things: participating in the token sale rounds, owning fiat conversion platform, using shapeshift or buying on the exchange.

Etheal Team
  • Dr. Mihaly Kertesz, Co-Founder, Operations
  • Viktor Tabori, Co-Founder, CTO
  • Zoltan Patai, Co-Founder of
  • Levente Toth, Senior Backend Developer
  • Dorina Pardi, Communications
  • Janka Bauer, Experience Designer
  • Benjamin Benko, Marketing
  • Barnabas Debreczeni, Blockchain Technology Advisor
  • Dr. Gyorgy Cseh, Compliance and Asset Management Advisor
  • Prof. Dr. Tibor Bartha, Advisor of Research and High-profile University Relations
  • Marcell Toth, Senior Account Manager, Negotiation Trainer, Sales Coach @ Google
  • Biro Roland, Operations Advisor
  • Norbert Lesko, Tech Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Etheal Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #HEAL team!


  1. foes live

    - Medical service comparison website
    - Instant success with patiens

  2. Rapid Development of

    - Listing 40,000 physicians with more than 88,000 medical services
    - 2 acquisition offers from competitors

  3. Business Model R&D, Award Winning projects

    - Deloitte.Tech Fast 50 CEE #1 Award
    - Golden Effie Award (the Oscar of Advertising Effectiveness)

  4. Expansion to Brazil

    - 2.5M visits per year
    - Capacity to reach 230M people in Brazil and Hungary
    - 141 858 line of code

  5. Token Sale Round One

  6. $ 3M

    - Expansion to 3 new countries, marketing
    - HEAL payment contract to buy discounted medical screenings
    - Content management beta: only doctors can write and rate content
    - mid 2018

  7. $ 10M

    - Expansion to 5 new countries, marketing
    - Incentive fund contract
    - Etheal reviews contract (rank and trust)
    - Content management public: all the content written is publicly available
    - late 2018

  8. $ 20M

    - Expansion to 30 countries, marketing
    - Review embedding widget and API
    - Incentive fund share for charities
    - Paid physician highlight: highlight rank
    - 2019

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