HydroMiner : Cryptocurrency Mining Company Using Green Energy

A mining process is the most important part from cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is used to maintain network and link to process the previous transaction. But, the promising mining requires special hardware, hashing energy, and electricity for everyone. When you build a farm mining, two important things must be considered including hash level and electricity cost. Those keep being a main consideration for investors and miners who want to gain beneficial income and benefits. Mining with water and electricity seems to be the most efficient. And, it becomes the cleanest energy to reduce its carbon. Most of the people get afraid of the bad side effects of cryptocurrencies to environments.

What Is HydroMiner Actually?
Some people may not know about HydroMiner. HydroMiner is a cryptocurrency mining company using green energy taken from hydro power stations in Alpine areas. The hydropower is generally regarded to be the latest energy source that is the most effective and low cost. It is very eco – friendly and neutral carbon. The strength of hydropower enables it to manage continuing resource and manage the production with low emission.

The Token Sales of H20 Watt
The location of Hydrominer is Alpen mountain areas enabling the companies to get access to the hydropower station in which rig has been installed. The company has operational units in cryptocurrency mining. All tools and equipments have been kept in an assembled place easily moved anywhere. This company offers token sales of H20 for investors. The token sale is a part of its crowdsale. The token sale will be used to increase the operating system. To provide a container of tools, it is predicted to spend almost 1 million dollar. That is why to ensure the production and consistency of company’s performance, it tries to release token sales for investors.

When you want to purchase token sale of H20, it is crucial to concern the allocated watt for mining tools. Then, the investors will get income and profits based on the allocated watts to the mining equipments. It is closely different from the given stock in conventional minings based on the hash interest levels. Every offered token represents a watt of its mining power. If it includes a revenue sharing, it is based on the clean income. It really explains the benefits of buying token sale in this company so that many investors attract to acquire a mining operation of hydropower. The profits will be calculated carefully by a professional team of HydroMiner.

Hydrominer Team
  • Nadine Damblon, CEO
  • Nicole Damblon, CFO
  • Christian Vogl, CTO
  • Philip Dimitrov, CMO
  • Sebastian Kastner, Lead Engineer
  • Kevin Benckendorf, Public Relations
  • Alexander Dimitrov, Developer
  • Tobias Ratschiller, An active crypto currency investor since 2012.
  • Reuben Godfrey, co-founder of the Blockchain Association of Ireland and the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia.
  • Michael Marcovici, Managing Director of Digital Developers Fund, an investment fund focusing on digital assets.
  • Jonas Sevel Karlberg, co-founded the Nordic Blockchain Association in the beginning of 2017 and operated as a freelance community manager for Bancor and later for Stox, bitJob, Flixxo, Kickcity and Sharpe Capital.
  • Michele Roscelli, Michele has been involved in crypto mining since 2013.
  • Dr. Sascha Dennstedt, co-founded several startups in the biotech and financial sector.
  • Simon Cocking, Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, co-founder and Editor in Chief at CryptoCoin.News and an ICO advisor to Bit India.
  • Raphael Beaumond, An energy consultant based in Brussels.
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Hydrominer Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #H2O team!

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  Token Salehttps://www.hydrominer.org/token-sale
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