Cryogen Is the First Token Based Cryopreservation Service

Cryogen is a new cryptoproject that offers a different service compared to other cryptocurrency based projects. It is dedicated to raise fund for the development of cryopreservation technology and also to provide easier access for those who want to get cryopreservation services. Bringing cryptocurrency to the medical world is indeed a new thing, not to mention that cryopreservation itself is still not commonly used and the practice is also still debatable.

But since the demand for this medical service is actually increasing, this project can be an excellent way to make cryopreservation more accessible and also cheaper as more institutions provide this service. It goes hand in hand with the mission of the project, which is to prolong life of the people by utilizing cryonic technology.

How Cryogen Works
In the Initial Coin Offering, Cryogen will launch a utility token called CRYO. As a utility token, CRYO will not be used as financial instrument. Instead, CRYO holders will be eligible to use the tokens to purchase services from the KrioRus’ cryostore. The services that can be accessed by CRYO owners include DNA retention, neural cryopreservation. Full body cryopreservation, animal cryopreservation and also standby at the patient’s bedside. The price ranges from 1,000 to 100,000 CRYO.

KrioRus is a Russian based cryonic company that was found in 2005. It is the first cryonic company in Russia and also the only one outside the US. The company is also the one in charge of organizing and supervising the management of Cryogen project. Even though the company is in Russia, its service is available worldwide. It works together with other cryonic company in other parts of the world to store the body or body parts that want to be reserved.

KrioRus is known as a cryonic center that offers the cheapest neuropreservation in the world. Preserving human’s brain with cryonic technology only costs around $14,000 while it can be five times more expensive in other places. It is possible that the cost of the service in KrioRus can go even lower for CRYO holders.

The Goal of Cryogen
There are four goals that KrioRus wants to achieve from the Cryogen project. The first one is to completely transform how the medical world works by emphasizing the benefits of cryopreservation. The fund from the ICO will be used to build more cryostorages for the company. It is important since the demand for organ preservation is on the rise, especially for transplantation purposes, as well as preserving stem cells, sperms and ovums.

Furthermore, KrioRus also wants to build a new cryocenter in Moscow to accelerate the research process of cryptocurrency technology. It is hoped that the new cryocenter can be a driving force for more inventions in this field. Besides Moscow, the company also will build a new European cryocenter in Switzerland. This country is chosen because euthanasia is legal there so there are plenty of high quality organs that can benefit a lot of people if they are properly preserved. In addition, KrioRus also has been receiving plenty of orders from European region so it is certainly a potential market to explore.

Last but not least, the company also wants to prepare for the future by developing technologies of anabiosis space travel. Even though the subject of suspended animation in the medical world is still highly debatable, let alone involving a space travel, it is interesting to see what the Russian cryonic company has in store to make this plan come true.

The Future of Cryopreservation and Medicine
It is clear that KrioRus wants to set itself as the leader of cryopreservation in the future by launching the Cryogen project. While there is nothing wrong about the project itself, the real challenge to this project will come from how cryopreservation is viewed in this age.
Cryopreservation is frowned upon because bringing a dead people back to life is not only considered unethical by the medical society, but also impossible. Even though the body of organs of the dead person is preserved for decades, there is no guarantee that one day the technology that is needed to revive the person back to life will be invented. Even KrioRus itself cannot guarantee it.

So, while the promise of preserving the whole body to be resurrected once the technology has been invented or fancy anabiosis space travel will not really appeal to the general public, there are still plenty of things that can guarantee the success of Cryogen project. One of them is the fact that organ preservation is needed to answer the challenges in the current medical world.

Let’s take stem cell for example. Many medical studies have proven that stem cells can help curing plenty of diseases, even cancer. The thing is, adult stem cell can only be found in certain parts of the body and it is less effective. It is different baby stem cell. Baby stem cell has better life nurturing capabilities and it can be a great treatment option just in case the baby is sick in the future. Furthermore, the stem cell also can be used by the owner of the cell itself (Autologous treatment) or donated to immediate relatives (Allogeneic treatment). More people also have realized about the benefits of stem cell and it leads them to find a great cryobank to store their babies’ stem cells.

Furthermore, let’s not forget about the advantage of cryonic technology for organ transplantation. All this time, once an organ has been taken from the donor, it needs to be transplanted immediately to the recipient. But thanks to cryopreservation technology, it is possible to keep the organ for later use. Since the demand for organ transplantation is very high, the organ never has to wait for a recipient. It is the recipient that needs to wait for years to get an organ.

However, in case the donor wants to keep their organ for maybe their family members in the future, it is now possible thanks to cryopreservation. It means, even if cryopreservation is still a subject of unending debates, the goals of Cryogen project can be achieved as long as the company puts more attention to aspects of cryogenic technology that has been widely accepted by the public.

Cryogen Team
  • Valeriya Udalova, Co-founder and CEO of the Russian company "KrioRus."
  • Sergey Evfratov, Head of Kriorus perfusion lab. Biochemist, a molecular biologist.
  • Yuriy Pichugin, Director of Science. PhD. International experience in cryobiology is 40 years.
  • Elena Serebryannikova, A financial adviser to the Cryogen project in Switzerland.
  • Igor Artyukhov, Co-Founder and Development Director of KrioRus.
  • Yuri Matveev, Surgeon and Perfusionist
  • Lev Leiman, Ideas Seller, Marketer, IT Developer, Blockchain Analyst
  • Tatiana Shifrina, Chief Design Officer
  • Ustin Kolbin, Director of Communications for Project Cryogen.
  • Denis Rysev, Technical Expert of the Project
  • Alberto Sarmentero, an Bioengineer and the Head of the GIBiomed company, Madrid, Spain
  • Zamir Akimov, an Neuromarketer, a specialist in the field of blockchain, the Head of the NeuroDAO
    cryptofund and the Vice President of RACIB (Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and
  • Ilya Svirin, an expert in the field of blockchain and smart contract, the Founder and the Head of the
    Nordavind Group of Companies
  • Kim, C-Yoon (Kyung Sul), an Biotechnologist, Neurophysiologist and a Research Professor at the Biomedical
    Research Center at Konkuk University (Republic of Korea)
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: CRYO Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #CRYO team!


  1. The opening of the CRYOGEN with the Swiss jurisdiction.

  2. Start of the mas experiments on reversible cryopreservation of animal organs.

  3. The technology of euthanasia cryonics is worked out and applied. Start of the development of technologies for reliable and effective reversible cryopreservation of the mammal organs.

  4. The technology of reliable and effective reversible cryopreservation of most mammal organs has been obtained. Experiments begin with the organs of the dying people.

  5. Anabiosis technology developing for deep space flights.

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