Arcona : A Blockchain Powered Ecosystem with Digital Land Reality

Running a virtual business is potentially conducted when you select a right type of your business. Arcona is a promising platform for merging real and virtual worlds in the worldwide. It creates an augmented reality layer with digital land and token payment. Let’s find what the things make it recommended.

What Is Arcona Augmented Reality?
Of course, you really want to know about Arcona Augmented Reality. It is a blockchain powered ecosystem that is promising to combine a real and virtual world to form a connecting circle very well to conventional world. ICO is expected that you have interactive content experience of daily users from extra reality, virtual, and combination tools. The huge virtual asset of this augmented reality is digital land. It is a new platform of Arcona that will be available for business, users, and technical perfection.

Why Should You Take Own Land?
Ideally, digital land with augmented reality will unify two worlds and new programs will be available and used by all people. Digital property is available for being rented in AR platform especially among the people who want to use it for conducting a business. Digital land is similar to land in the real world. That is why everyone can rent it for business or the other purposes. In addition, all that you did in platform will be monitored and controlled from distance. It is very easy and comfortable for anyone in the world especially the people having a trip or traveling. Finally, anyone holding Arcona Augmented Reality based on ERC20 token will be ensured by regular rental payment for their asset when the land is used by Augmented Reality program in ecosystem.

Augmented Reality Market Is Very Promising
Market is not too complicated and aimed to explore and benefit the acceptance of Augmented Reality technology increasing. To include it to a perspective matter, a real and virtual world is increasing. It is estimated to value for $150 in 2020. A blue chip company led by Google, Apple, and Facebook will fight for finding the best corporation in this technology. Of course, it is a reason why every business is very competitive to get this technology and reaches the deadline of Arcona ICO success But, it doesn’t mean that startup and micro business have been left.

A Great Blockchain Technology in Augmented Reality Ecosystem
New Arcona token become an official payment mode in this platform. That is why a token holder can allow purchasing all goods and digital services in the platform using blockchain technology. The gift is in the form of token. The only one crypto type is Ethereum system. It ensures that the platform is really trusted and verified. The price per token is about $1 and hard cap is about $50 million. The pre sale of this token is conducted in the end of this year. It is clearly that Arcona is a founder team of projects with years – experience in VR world. The main idea combines blockage and augmented reality that has been tested. Token is the only one way for payment in this platform making ICO legitimation.

Arcona Team
  • Ilia Korguzalov, Founder, Project lead
  • Diana Sorina, Founder, Marketing
  • Aleks Zaulichnyy, CTO
  • Tania Chernikh, Founder, Researcher & PR
  • Nicolay Melnik, AR Evangelist
  • Daniel Girdea, Founder, AR Evangelist
  • Alex Emelianoiv, R&D Team lead
  • Igor Rozdestvensky, R&D Mentor
  • Vladimir Stishkin, 3D artist
  • Jana Savinykh, 2D, 3D Artist
  • Evgenia Barynina, Marketing
  • Ivan Shabetnyk, Developer
  • Lyubov Simonova, Head Of Department at Rostelecom.
  • Kairat Kaliev, Founder of Cross Coin, which successfully ran the Starta ICO campaign and raised $ 5 million.
  • George Popescu, CEO and co -founder of Lampix, an AR technology platform.
  • James Haft, CEO of ClimateCoin and founder of PALcapital.
  • Sergey Khitrov, CEO, Co-Founder
  • Sergei Chmel, ICO Hedge Fund partner. Advisor @icorating Rating agency.
  • Alexey Strogov, Head of R&D units, software development, system integration, business development in information technology, Internet, telecommunications in such companies as Siemens, T-Systems, DataArt.
  • Mihail Afremov, Head of Strategic Development – Piligrim XXI.
For detailed ABOUT Team Members descriptions please check out: Arcona Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #ARC team!


  1. Launched first outdoor AR park - "Ludza Castle".
    It increased by 30% the flow of tourist in the region, attracting more than 60,000 tourist/year. Microsoft Seed Fund grant, Acceclerations: Intel, Google, Faber Novel. Top 50 russian startups with highest rating AAA.

  2. Launched Aurora and Altun AR parks at Russian, Bastille fortress AR park at France. TOP 10 world startups on "Future en Seine", Paris, France.

  3. Launched AR parks the Forum the Forum Pompell at Italy and Ice Road at Russia, we began to develop our own Computer Vision system.

  4. - We already have launched 8 AR outdoor parks in 6 countries: Russia, France, Latvia, Italy, Estonia and Bulgaria. Started to develop our own augmented reality platform to remotely positioning and management digital assets.

    - November we are holding on ITO with Arcona augmented reality ecosystem powered by team of the Piligrim XXI.

  5. After the completion of the ITO, a marketplace will be launched, one of the tasks of which will be to put the Arcon token into circulation as a system payment means. Involving independent experts in the development and creation of content.

  6. - Launching the AR Viewer Prototype, motivating users to use the software to earn tokens.
    - Launching Partner's project.

  7. Launch of the AR GRID technological prototype, testing of remote positioning tools.

  8. Running the beta version of AR Viewer with basic functionality. Placement of basic information content in best locations.

  9. The AR GRID positioning system will be implemented in the 10 largest metropolitan areas of the planet. "Digital Lands" will be put on scale with a total area of 1,500 km².

  10. Georeferenced AR territories will be expanded to 40,000 km², the World Wide Augmented Reality Grid will be created.

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