EMMARES - The Future Of Email Marketing

What is EMMARES?
Emmares is a new technology designed to improve email marketing. We plan on doing this by giving email marketers a platform they can use to have their content reviewed and at the same time give recipients the option to really pick and choose what kind of emails they want to receive.

How Does EMMARES Work?
Emmares enables marketers to reach more customers, by minimizing spam using API filter which makes the marketers stand out more, and by enabling them to send the emails only to customers that are actually genuinely interested in their product/service. It also enables the recipients of the emails to receive only the emails they really want to see, without having to scroll through numerous spam emails in order to reach the desired newsletter.

The way we make this happen is by using direct feedback from the recipients of the emails, who tell us whether they are genuinely interested in those types of emails and do they value the content of emails that are being sent to them. By getting positive feedback from the recipients email marketers are able to improve quality of the content, and send it only to the people who are interested in their product. This in turn means we are able to widen their customer pool by connecting you to more people interested in that kind of content.

Marketers will be able to invest into a rewarding pool, and email recipients will receive EMA tokens for evaluating the email content. This way recipient stays motivated to receive and review emails and email markers are motivated to keep the content of their emails high quality.

Benefits Of Using EMMARES Platform
Everyone benefits from using EMMARES. Email marketers/newsletter publishers get access to a unique platform which enables them to have their content evaluated by actual users. This gives them the advantage to be able to use the customer feedback as means of improving their marketing strategies. Also by using EMMARES, and ensuring the emails go only to people who subscribed the marketers gain the reputation of delivering great content and not spam mail, and of course the marketers get access to high quality leads that will inevitably lead to more sales/subscribers/users, etc.

Email recipients/evaluators get EMA tokens in exchange for evaluating/reading/subscribing to the emails. Afterwards, they can either keep the tokens for themselves or invest them back into the EMMARIS platform.
Token buyers get to become a part of the platform by purchasing EMA tokens. This also enables them to be able to send and receive only the content they find interesting or valuable.

Pre-sale and ICO
Emmares is currently in the Pre-sale phase, which ends on 31st of April 2018. You can join the Pre-sale through the following link; by submitting KYC form (https://register.emmares.io). The next phase of the project is Public Distribution, which lasts from 1st – 31st of May 2018. There are 255.000.000 EMA tokens available for purchase and all unsold tokens will be burned.

EMMARES has a great Core team composed of many experienced, highly educated and dedicated people. Almost every team member in EMMARES is a recipient of some of the most exclusive awards in their respective branches, EMMARES also has the privilege and honor to be able to work with some of the most notable and well recognized members of blockchain industry, web developing and programming.
  • Bojan Oremuž, CEO and founder
  • Denis Orešnik, Cofounder and developer
  • Tadej Oremuž, Cofounder and developer
  • Jure Tovrljan, Cofounder and Creative design & advertising
  • Taja Oremuž, Cofounder and Graphic design & marketing
  • Dejan Plavše, Developer
  • Krištof Gajšek, Full stack developer
  • Matic Korošec, Junior developer
  • Janez Sevčnikar, Bounty manager
  • Aljaž Štraser, Software developer
  • Primož Škruba, Security
  • Žiga Palir, System engineer
  • David Drake, Chairman at LDJ Cayman Fund Ltd.
  • Janko Cajhen, CEO Sicom, Ex. CEO Comtrade, HermesSoftlab
  • Peter Merc, Ph.D., Legal advisor
  • Tanja Skaza, CEO Skaza – Smart Plastic
  • Nina Kranjec, Legal Advisor
  • Giuseppe Gori, Advisor, Toronto area, ON, Canada
  • Nejc Urankar, Legal Advisor
  • Aleksander Vidmar, BitNation ambassador and brand development manager President of green energy society
  • Roman Pušnik, An mobile game developer, social media expert and a strong believer of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.
For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: EMMARES Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #EMA team!


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