CoinSchedule and DLT Capital Announce Partnership

CoinSchedule and DLT Capital have announced a partnership to share experience and knowledge and improve services. CoinSchedule is a well respected website in the crypto industry, with expertise in ICO listing and advertising. DLT Capital, is a successful blockchain consulting company with a team of experts focusing on fundraising advising, business consulting, regulatory advising, and marketing.

These two companies first worked together the East-West Crypto Conference held in Frankfurt in October 2018. Since then they decided to build on this experience and create an official partnership . The main focus will be to improve the ICO listing process. Outstanding ICO’s often have trouble standing out in a crowded field and CoinSchedule will be a well-respected partner who can elevate the visibility for these projects.

CoinSchedule Leads In The ICO Listing Space
Founded in 2016, CoinSchedule's mission is to make it easy for users to find the best ICOs to join. They provide useful and transparent information on ICOs, helping users find projects that have a great potential for success. They are also a marketing platform for ICO projects to present themselves to potential users. By increasing the quantity and the quality of the information required from ICO projects they will help this new industry flourish.

DLT Capital; Blockchain Advisers For The EU, Asia and Beyond!
Started in 2017 by Sergej Stein and Nico Konrad, DLT Capital is an international blockchain and ICO consultancy. They are a multi-talented team that includes, blockchain technical experts, business advisors, investors, lawyers, mentors and coaches. They have a vast wealth of knowledge of ICOs, traditional finance, blockchain programming, venture capital and Fintech.
Their team of consultants and advisors are connected with investors, technical hubs, and significant blockchain players, if someone’s worth knowing, they know them! DLT Capital has local strongholds in both Europe and Asia where they are directly based. Working closely with institutions, business partners and research centres, they are a perfect fit for the CoinSchedule brand.

The most important thing is that this is just the beginning of the cooperation of these two companies. With the great synergy already established during the highly successful East-West Crypto Conference, both companies are excited by the chance to improve the services they can provide their clients and grow the blockchain space.

Authors: Scott McKenzie & Ivan Jelić



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