Start a Safe and Comfortable Cryptocurrency Exchange with IronX Exchange Platform

Cryptocurrency is considered a flexible virtual currency. The users are able to use it for trading and investment media. Due to the cryptocurrencies as an investment media, the users need to be supported by a trusted platform. IronX is a platform designed for cryptocurrencies holders who want to make their virtual asset as an investment. Let’s take a look at the detail of this platform below.

About IronX Exchange
IronX was established in 2010 and it is facilitated the cryptocurrency holders who also want to invest their virtual asset. This platform is a trusted cryptocurrency trading platform which won an award in the global online forex trading. This platform provides the users with 10 trading platforms and over 200 tradable instruments.

Based on the technology and features, IronX is suitable for those who are using cryptocurrencies including retails and institutional customers. Nowadays, the platform has been used in 180 countries around Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. To serve a better service, the platform is also designed with more than 30 different languages so the users around the world can use it comfortably.

The Features of IronX Exchange
Another important thing you should know before using IronX to facilitate your cryptocurrency trading is the benefits you can get from it. Indeed, this platform is developed to give more benefits to the users. For example, the users are about to use a safety and trusted cryptocurrency trading platform.

The platform has been licensed such as a license from FIU in Estonia, Gibraltar, and Malta but it is also can be used in any kind of jurisdictions. Moreover, the platform is supported by 12 million group retail clients and 150.000 followers. It can be said that IronX is a famous platform for cryptocurrency investors. Interestingly, the platform is not only compatible with cryptocurrencies but also the traditional FIAT currencies. It makes the platform more flexible and comfortable to use. They also support the users with professional customer support in which it helps 24/7 and they can speak the language of what the users speak. As the result, the users will get a better understanding of the platform and the difficulty they face.

Visions and Missions
IronX is developed with strong visions and missions. As a cryptocurrency platform, IronX wants to be a platform which connects the modern and traditional currency trading activity. IronX wants to be the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform which serves what the users need. Besides serving the best services, the platform also wants to give more benefits to the users. It hopes that the users get more benefits just like what they got from the traditional trading and also from the modern trading.

Before using this platform you need to have the IRX token first. The token can be used for a variety of activities while using the platform. The price of the IRX token is only $0.33 per token and there are over 83.000.000 tokens sold to the public and ready to use by the IronX users. It hopes that the beta version of IronX Exchange platform will be released in December 2018.

IronX Exchange Team
  • Markos A. Kashiouris, Founder & Chairman
  • Dimitris Hatzis, Chief Executive Officer
  • Stefanos Kashiouris, Chief Risk & Exchange Officer
  • Loukia Kanarini, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer
  • Elena Panagiotou, VP Marketing
  • Stella Ermogenidou, VP Human Resources
  • Socrates I. Socratous, Chief Technology Officer
  • Marios Stylianou, Chief Security Officer
  • Kenji Sasaki, Chairman of the Advisory Board
  • Alex Hayashi, Chief Blockchain Strategy Advisor
  • Andrew Raikes Hargreaves, Corporate Governance Advisor & Government Liaison
  • Hillik Nissani, Strategy, Marketing & Crypto Advisor
  • Ophir Gertner, Blockchain & Crypto Advisor
  • Tal Cohen, Blockchain & Fintech Advisor
  • Dr. Paolo Tasca, PhD, Chief Blockchain Advisor
  • Dr. Nicolas T. Courtois, PhD, Chief Security Advisor
  • Dr. Theodosis Mourouzis, PhD, Blockchain & Information Security Advisor
  • Dr. Shamyl Malik, DPhil, Electronic & High Frequency Trading Advisor
  • Dr. Yoon Heuiseon, PhD, Artificial Intelligence & Distributed Technologies Advisor
  • Krishan Rattan, Structuring & Alternative Capital Solutions Advisor
  • Ivan Didur, Algorithmic & Artificial Intelligence Advisor
  • Kunal Nandwani, Blockchain Advisor
  • Neoklis Nicolaou, Capital Markets & Regulatory Advisor
  • Gal Ron, Marketing Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: IronX Exchange Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #IRX team!


  1. IronFX Group and EmurgoHK join forces to build a world-class exchange - IronX

  2. - Smartologic joins IronX as a strategic advisor
    - Development of IronX Exchange begins
    - IRX Token Private Sale begins

  3. IRX Token Private Sale ends

  4. - IrinX Exchange Alpha version release for internal testing
    - The Estonian incorporated entity of the Group was awarded a full regulatory licence by the Estonian FIU

  5. Coin and Smart Contract Security Audits Conducted by Hosho

  6. Public Sale of IRX Token begins

  7. - Exchange Security Audit conducted by Hacken
    - IRX Token distribution to Private Sale contributors commences
    - IronX Exchange platform expected Beta version release

  8. - End of Public Sale of IRX Tokens
    - Expected IRX Token distribution to Public Sale contributors
    - Add of IRX to the IronX Exchange and activation of IRX Loyalty Scheme

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