Goose Q - Overcoming Problems in the Logistics Industry

Nowadays, we are living in a world of technology. Since the blockchain technology has been implemented in various aspects of human’s life, it is not a new thing if people use virtual money to make an exchange. However, blockchain technology is not supposed to be limited to the financial aspect only.

The biggest good side of blockchain technology is that transparency and trust have become higher than before the technology arrived. In this article, we will make a review of a platform for the data sector. Goose Q might new on the business but it provides various benefits to you.

What is Goose Q?
Goose Q is a solution for logistic industry in the world by implementing comprehensive blockchain technology in it. This platform will secure data from users and facilitate information as well as value flows. It requires specific devices to record any information from trucks, encrypt them, and securely store it inside a blockchain.

Goose Q can collect a complete range of visual data and be equipped with high-security technology. Other than that, the platform has been integrated into an advanced logistic IT infrastructure from China. It includes vehicle carriers, cargo companies, drivers, actual transport vehicles, and so on. Various safe driving algorithms have been implemented by Goose Q so it will reduce traffic accidents and increase safe driving.

Daluka SIM Card
Goose Q issues the Daluka SIM-card as a cooperation work with a leading Chinese telecommunication service provider named the China Unicom. The card is exclusively designed and made for truck drivers. The card contains a bunch of entertainment and logistics apps and the drivers could download it for free to support their work. This is how Goose Q collects tons of data collections and provides good control to avoid fraud invoices.

  1. Launched with China Unicom
    China Unicom, the 4th world largest telecommunication service provider, started to cooperate with Goose Q in December 2018
  2. Targeted on truck drivers
    China unicom is opening up the niche market of truck drivers through Goose Q business network
  3. Free calls within the network
    Standard package is about 35 per month and calls are free within the network to allow drivers communicate smoothly with their families while far from home
  4. Free traffic for 100+ partner apps
    Including logistics business apps, leisure apps, and top hits such as TikTok
  5. 20m pre-orders
    The sales started in April 2019 and full scale penetration to the 30m truck drivers market is ongoing
  6. 100+ distribution partners
    Including major logistics industry management platforms radio stations, online fuel delivery platforms, and truck drivers communities

The Reason For Choosing The Blockchain
Goose Q provides several features that will benefit truck drivers or the logistic company. In this section, we will give you good arguments on why you should use Goose Q in the first place.

  • Immutability and Transparency
    As we have mentioned earlier, Goose Q provides a transparent service. The recorded data cannot be changed by anyone and anything is highly accurate. On the other hand, it increases the data credibility.
  • Incentives
    All network participants are eligible for incentives and it is measured through a fair system. Goose Q creates a digital value flow inside the logistic industry along with boosting the enthusiasm of all truck drivers. It will eventually create a sustainable ecosystem.
  • Security
    Blockchain technology incorporates various sophisticated technology related to digital encryption to make sure that the data will not be accessed illegally. All participants will get a certificate and a real ID. Before they got their IDs, they will be asked to submit a series of documents and update their data regularly.
  • Decentralization
    Decentralization is the most basic feature of the blockchain technology, which means that blockchain applications don’t depend on a centralized organization, and employ distributed recording, storage and processing of data. The logistics industry is huge, and any centralized model cannot effectively solve the problem of mutual trust in the entire industry.

All the things we have mentioned above would be in your hand if you sign up with Goose Q. It will change the whole industry and transform it into a healthier yet more efficient logistics environment. Besides, it also increases the responsibility of each truck driver that will minimize the operational risks as well.

  • William Qian,
  • Mike Zhang,
  • Ada Xue,
  • Steven Bai,
  • Dimitry Doronin,
  • LongFei Zhao,
  • Tyreal,
  • Baja,
For detailed ABOUT Team Members descriptions please check out: Qoose Q Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #GQ team!


  1. - Development of the first in-vehicle communication device AuthoPhone
    - Establishment of vehicle service platform

  2. - Development of networking product for rear mirrors
    - Started cooperation with large insurance companies

  3. - Get investment from Dachen Capital
    - Mass product of rearview mirrors

  4. - New design of MEWE communication device
    - Round A investment completed

  5. - Online promotion of the products
    - Collection of road data

  6. - 1M users online at the same time
    - Release 4G multimedia app "Ni Kan Wo Pai"

  7. - Real-time road condition product online
    - Expand application scenarios

  8. - Goose Q dapp and backend prototyping
    - Infrastructure construction
    - Design of Daluka sim-card

  9. - Hardware access authentication debugging
    - Communication mode test
    - Sign Daluka sim-card contract with China Unicom

  10. - Contracted the 1st batch of Daluka sim-card, 7M
    - Design of 3rd-party access for the DAPP
    - 3.28 Fuzhou logistics conference,
    - Presentation of Daluka sim-card

  11. - Access for public chain partners
    - Integration of IPFS
    - More than 3M vehicles connected, revenue is expected ti hit 90m RMB

  12. - 1st versin of API
    - Heavy marketing
    - Data on-chain test
    - 6M vehicles connected, expected revenue 180m RMB

  13. - Link of IPFS and blockchain
    - Integration of partners businesses into ecosystem
    - 10M vehicles connected, 500m RMB revenue

  14. - Blockchain based industry standards
    - Open interface for government authorities
    - Goose Q new infrastructure market release

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