LimonX - Make Your Cryptocurrencies Cashable

Until today, blockchain technology has continued to create great momentum. It also attracts many new projects with cryptocurrency as the base. The good news is that cryptocurrency has been part of your life now. And we cannot separate ourselves with this thing even in the future. LimonX is one of those new cryptocurrency-based projects on the market.

LimonX consists of a team with a high dedication to build a healthy ecosystem that will allow users to use cryptocurrency. Other than that, the process is very easy which has been developed into the Bank As A Service solution. In this article, we are going to make a review of this project.

What is LimonX?
As we have mentioned earlier, LimonX is one of the cryptocurrency-based projects in the business. It looks better than other projects due to its ability that allows users to convert their digital assets into usable things such as e-gift cards, vouchers, and prepaid cards. More than anything, the process is very easy because anything can be done through emails. The cards can be used for various major online shops such as Amazon, Google Play, Mastercard Prepaid Debit Cards, Zalano, PlayStation Network, Battlenet, and XBOX.

The process of converting your assets into the cards is simple. You can start by choosing the card of gift you want and then make a payment by using cryptocurrency. LimonX supports 15 cryptocurrencies these days.

The Features of LimonX
  1. E-commerce
    LimonX can be used to access various e-commerce globally. Amazon is one of the major brands that have worked in partnership with LimonX. In five years, we do not know what this project would give.
  2. Gaming
    As we have mentioned earlier, LimonX also works in partnership with some gaming platforms such as XBOX, PlayStation Network, Google Play, and so on. It gives you a huge benefit by investing in it.
  3. Entertainment
    Talking about the entertainment sector, Netflix is just one of the major brands that work with LimonX. Since streaming movies and series has become a trend today, it will increase the market size in a few years later.
  4. Prepaid cards
    Who does not like prepaid cards? This thing is as good as a debit card after all. MasterCard is the one that works with LimonX in this sector. However, there are still years to come and it will increase the crypto market cap as well.

This is just the start and the service has been begun across Europe with a real plan for global expansion. Other than that, there will be various categories and brands come along. LimonX also provides some other benefits such as:
  • LimonXPro, a product to meet the needs of corporates;
  • P2P Transaction, to facilitate fund transfers just like a global bank;
  • LimonXshops, platforms for online shops;
  • LimonXlist, a peer-to-peer platform for exchanging products by using LMXC;
  • Coin Burn, a feature to controls inflation.

In the future, crypto would be all over the world. It is important to grab and adapt to the tools we have today to welcome the future. Crypto works like money. You should use your crypto and not save it forever after all.

  • Guillaume Dieudonné, Executive
  • Milan Poyaud, Operation
  • David Fontana, Strategy
  • Jessica Moreau, Financial
  • Cédric Dubucq, Legal
  • Maud Appy, Web Design
  • Anaêl Mugerin, Communication
  • Julien Spagnolo, Community
For detailed about Team Members descriptions please check out: LimonX Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #LMXC team!


  1. - MVP Launch on French Market (
    - Team Assemble

  2. Partnership with 500+ Brands

  3. Blockchain Project Inception

  4. Rebranding 400 000 sales

  5. Platform Upgrade

  6. - Platform launch on European Market
    - Private sale opening

  7. IEO phase 1

  8. IEO phase 2

  9. - Mainnet launch
    - LMXC full integration on cashback program
    - LimonXlist alpha launnch
    - STO opening

  10. First quarterly buyback and burn

  11. - Progressive rollout towards bank as a servive features
    - International development
    - LimonXshops open alpha

  12. Node operators decision for LMXC's new underlying economics

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