GoCrypto Network Expands From Europe To South America

9 March 2020 — GoCrypto is quickly expanding into a global payment scheme connecting crypto users, crypto wallets and cryptocurrencies with payment and cashier system providers and merchants wishing to accept this payment method. Through the partner company Xpay, the GoCrypto network is now entering three new countries — Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina. Developed by the Eligma company from Slovenia, the GoCrypto system enables merchants to accept payments with various crypto wallets and receive settlements in their local currency (e.g. euros).

Let’s Shop With Crypto
Only a few years ago, the idea of going about one’s daily shopping with crypto seemed a bit like science fiction because hardly any physical shops accepted them. Times have changed, however. Swiss car dealerships, Slovenian supermarkets, Bulgarian hostels, bars on the Croatian seaside, a great soup restaurant in central London — these are just a few highlights that you can find on the GoCrypto​ ​list of locations​, which can easily be filtered according to the countries and types of stores that the shoppers are interested in. Actually, GoCrypto already covers most store and service categories; over 140,000 different products can be bought through it. GoCrypto currently accepts payments with Elly and the Bitcoin.com Wallet — 10 million users strong. The ​GoCrypto solution​ is available in 10 European countries, and has just made a leap over the ocean.

Expanding Across The Globe
In European countries, the main advantage of the ​GoCrypto system​ for merchants and users is the speed and easiness of the transactions; the customer simply scans the payment QR code with their crypto wallet and confirms the transaction. On other markets, however, other advantages come to the forefront. Eligma CEO ​Dejan Roljic​ explains:
​Solutions like GoCrypto can provide an important payment alternative to unstable local currencies. We are very proud to announce that GoCrypto has become available in Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina. We are entering these markets in collaboration with the local partner Xpay, part of the Panda Group for blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. Just like Eligma, Xpay aspires to fulfil the mission of cryptocurrencies ​—​ fast and effective transactions worldwide.

Simple For merchants and Their Customers
The partnership between GoCrypto and Xpay will enable users in Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia to pay with even more cryptocurrencies than so far. Arley Lozano, CEO of the Panda Group, says:
​We are confident that the alliance with GoCrypto will keep on providing features for both platforms, and we hope that the joint work will be useful to pave the way to the future of cryptocurrencies.

The process for merchants wishing to offer payments through the GoCrypto system is fully automatic; after registering at ​GoCrypto.com​, the merchant is ready to accept cryptocurrencies in a few short days.

Contact For more information about Eligma and GoCrypto, please contact us at ​media@gocrypto.com​.

About Eligma
The mission of Eligma is to make cryptocurrencies part of daily life and shopping. It developed GoCrypto, an infrastructure for accepting crypto payments at local and online shops; the merchant receives the settlement in the local fiat currency (e.g. euros). The option to accept crypto is also in development. GoCrypto supports payments with the Elly app and the Bitcoin.com Wallet. Eligma’s GoC token is available at​ ​Bitcoin.Exchange.com​ and​ ​tokens.net​.

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