Permission - The Starting Point of Cryptocurrency System in Transaction

Even though you are enthusiastically welcoming for the cryptocurrency trend, we have to admit that we are still far from that. The current transaction system doesn’t have a proper infrastructure that supports the usage of cryptocurrency for a transaction. However, we can start to see many parties try to integrate this digital currency into our everyday system. Shop & Earn by Permission is one of the best examples of that.

What is Permission Platform?
Permission platform is lead the globe toward a Permission-based economy that recognizes the value of an individual’s time and data. This platform has created the infrastructure to enable a new advertising model for e-commerce based on permission and value exchange. You can find various items here. If you need gadgets, toys, clothing, or accessories, this store has them all for you. However, there is one big difference: you can only find it here. You can get the cryptocurrency while shopping at Shop & Earn.

And, this is the company that was created to ASK cryptocurrency. This token is also the one that you will get when you use the service at Shop & Earn. This is also the part that makes this online store different from other online stores you can find today.

The Benefits of Shop & Earn by Permission
As we mentioned before, you will get ASK tokens every time you use the feature in Shop & Earn. In short, when you shop here, you also have an option to watch the video. By watching it, you will earn the ASK that is provided by Permission. You also can earn the ASK by purchasing the items in this store. This is the first method you need to do, to open other methods to earn ASK. With this system, you can keep collecting the ASK token. And, you can use the ASK that you have for shopping at this store.

This reward system is a good method to attract more users. Furthermore, this method also helps to spread and stabilize the value of ASK token in this environment. So, to reach the environment where the transaction with cryptocurrency is doable, this method is one of the best choices among others.

Permission doesn’t only use Shop & Earn to attract more users to use their cryptocurrency. They also use this platform to connect the merchant, local, or global, to its customers. So, it also helps the business to grow. On a bigger scale, if this practice keeps developing, it can affect the economy of a country. It is indeed a good way to use cryptocurrency for society.

This store also offers zero shipping costs. This free service is applied to the customer from nearly all countries in the world. There are some countries, where the shipping cost is still applicable.

Shop & Earn by Permission is indeed a very interesting project. It helps people to shop easily. They also will have a chance to learn and experience the transaction using cryptocurrency. In short, this is a project that can change the transaction system in the future. If they can develop this project into a more perfect system, we believe that the big change that we are waiting for is coming from Shop & Earn.

  • Charles H. Silver, CEO
  • Robin Bloor, PhD, Technology Evangelist
  • Hunter Jensen, CTO
  • Joe Underbrink, Chief Data Scientist & Mathematician
  • Bobby Petersen, VP of Marketing
  • Matt Erhart, VP of Finance & Compliance
  • Jenny Silver, CMO
  • Virginie Saget, Project Management Director
  • Therese Fahy, HR & Controller
  • Gary J. Sherman, PhD, Founding Mathematician
  • Daniel Hiltbrand, Software Engineer
  • Peter Holmes, Creative Director
  • Robert Morris, Marketing Manager
  • Zack Reboletti, Content Strategist

For detailed about Permission Team Members descriptions please check out: Permission Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #ASK team!


  1. - ASK Launch
    - Blockchain (MainNet)
    - Open Source (Blockchain)
    - Integration with Hardware Wallets (e.g. Trezor)

  2. - Partnership with affiliate programs
    - Partnership with e-commerce platforms
    - Ability to run Permission node (3rd Party)

  3. - Integration with ID Management Systems
    - Enhanced Personal Datasets
    - Shop with ASK on Permission Platform

  4. - Enhanced Reporting & Analytics
    - Permission Blockchain Governance Policy and System
    - Developer Website/Community Building

  5. - Shop & Earn
    - Shopify App
    - Additional E-Commerce Plugins
    - Developer API
    - My Permission ID

  6. - Permission Games
    - Mobile SDK Release
    - Permission TV
    - Web SDK Release

  7. - IOS App Release
    - Android App Release
    - Decentralized Blockchain
    - Permission Advertising Platform
    - Query Optimization with Data Algebra

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