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About ChronoBank
ChronoBank is an aspiring and far reaching blockchain extend, went for upsetting the HR/enlistment/fund enterprises also to how Uber disturbed the taxi business and how Upwork spoke to an advancement in outsourcing. has been designed by a consortium of experts with more than 100 years of joined enlistment encounter, in meeting with specialists who can make the product to influence blockchain innovation to tackle certifiable business issues.

The main target of Chronobank is: E-commerce, Cleaning, Warehousing, Industrial, Building and Freelancers

Elements of ChronoBank
The ChronoBank has 2 main elements:
1. Labour Hour (LH) : Stable Coins - Now time really is money
LH are connected to normal time-based compensations in the host nation and are sponsored by a genuine work constrain from enormous enlistment and work procure organizations.
LH tokens will be easy to use and accessible 24/7 via the LH debitcard.
Labour Hour Features:
  • Alternative financial system, as a blockchain-based type of private, time-based cash, banks are made excess, and exchanges happen specifically amongst individuals and organizations.
  • Multiple blockchains supported, dapps will be created on Ethereum, Waves and NEM blockchains.
  • Protection from inflation, will be linked to national average hourly wages, which have significant and stable growth with very low volatility.
  • AUD/USD/EUR/GBP transactions, have stable prices in fiat currencies. They, therefore, allow users to transact while maintaining AUD/USD/EUR/GBP-measured values.
  • Stable tokens, will issue Labour-Hour coins with stable value, protecting users from cryptocurrency's infamous volatility.
  • Simple to use, one click to buy/sell/send transactions with fiat or cryptocurrencies.
  • Transparency, decentralised ledger backbone and multiple security levels guarantee transparency and openness at all stages of Labour-Hour life cycle.
  • LH Debit Card, will be hyper-liquid and accessible 24/7 via the LH debit card.

2. LaborX (LX) - Bringing blockchain to the masses
LaborX is a decentralised marketplace where labour (people in real world professionals) will be able traded Labour Hour(LH)
There will be both a fully decentralised version for global freelancers and semi-centralised one that is filly complaint with local labour laws.

Roadmap of ChronoBank
This is the projected roadmap for the next project's milestones. It's an approximation at the best of chronobank capasity and some goal.

Team of ChronoBank
I. Edway Group, Co-founder
Edway Group Pty. Ltd. is a consolidated group of Australian companies and industry leader in vocational training and labour supply. The company has multiple divisions in the fields of HR, recruitment, training, technology and auxiliary services to these industries.
  1. Sergei Sergienko, Chief Executive Officer
  2. Alexander Rugaev, Chief Marketing Officer
  3. Paul Glover, Ideologist
II. Sigma Prime, Strategic Partner
Sigma Prime provides consulting services in the blockchain and information security space. Sigma Prime is responsible for the development of ChronoBank’s White Paper and for providing expert blockchain technology consultancy.
  1. Luke Anderson, Blockchain Consultant
  2. Adrian Manning, Smart Contract Consultant
  3. Paul Hauner, Smart Contract Consultant
III. Distributed Lab, Strategic Partner
Distributed Labs is a company focused on open-source software for the financial industry and public sector. They created the wallet, the INFRA protocol for financial web, and software for transparent and decentralised auctions on the blockchain
  1. Lucas Cullen, Ethereum Developer
  2. Greg Mikeska, Smart Contract Developer
  3. Jared Abrahamse, Operations Executive
  4. Deirdre Gallagher, Key Account Manager
  5. Danielle Reid, Recruitment expert
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out:
or Join Slack to communicate with ChronoBank team!

Crowdsale of ChronoBank
The Crowdsale/ICO will be start on December 15, 2016 - February 15, 2017 with the following early bird bonuses structure:
- 1st day 30%
- 1st week 20%
- 2nd week 10%
- remaining ICO time: no bonusses

Prepare yourself to be part of the Crowdsale/ICO ChronoBank at December 15,2016

Please make sure activated 2FA features in your account

TIME tokens Distribution
80% for TIME crowdale
10% for the Chronobank team
2% for advisors and the earliest adopters/contributors

Escrow of ChronoBank
ChronoBank used two of thress or three of four multi-sig wallets for escrow whereever possible.
  1. Ransu Salovaara, CEO of and
  2. Sasha Ivanov, Founder and CEO of WAVES Platform
  3. Oleg Khovayko, Vice-President at Jefferies & Company
  4. Jeff McDonald, Project manager of NEM
If you are interested in chronobank project, please join and visit for more details.

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