XYY GAME : Gaming Blockchain Application Platform

XYY GAMING is an interactive platform that contains a powerful design and animation tool along with a dynamic scripting engine, bitmap rendering, in addition as advanced video and audio playback.
There are 3 main aspects: the player, the file format, and also the authoring tool. XYY GAME can be developed for websites, interactive TV, in addition as hand-held devices. Older folks say they play games because it alleviates loneliness and puts them connected with others. Statistics reveal that 41% of gamers are women and more than 43 % gamers are aged 25-49. And, analysis predicts that the games market in 2005 will be US$ 29 billion.

XYY GAME is easy to play and it provides you a lot of benefits.
No one will get bore to play this game, XYY GAME increase interest whereas taking part in.
All age group can play at their ease, XYY GAME makes your mood and mind pleasant. Player will feel more relaxant while playing because of it’s mind soothing music.

XYY GAME Specifications
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Reward Type: PoW
  • Block reward: 1 XYY
  • Total coin supply: 5599993 XYY
  • RPC port: 8768
  • P2P port: 8767
  • Maturity: 20 blocks
  • Target spacing: 1 minutes
  • Target timespan: 10 minutes
  • Confirmations: 6 blocks

- Windows: Download
- Android
- Node:
XYY source will be Publish after the completion of ICO

There are instances wherever gamers haven't left home for years. The XYY on the opposite hand won't allow you to get bored because of its unlimited game play chances. Along with that you simply are able to explore so many themes within the game to visualize what belongs wherever. XYY is more than a simple matching puzzle game.

It is an entertainment package that may increase your wits, cause you to addtional attentive and will also let you have additional fun then you may ever imagine while playing a game.

Fun & Earning With Playing
You can get the chance of winning and earning money while playing XYY as well.
We provide game plays that can offer you money and cash prize when winning an explicit level.
It's a factor that was never offered in Candy Crush Saga.

Side Effects
However several potential issues started rising as before long because the game got known. It had addictive properties that created the players dependent upon it.

Medical Research
Researches have shown that playing Candy Crush Saga for a long time can effect socialization, problem solving and perspective taking of a person.
Along side that the game offers limited amount of gameplays that cause a significant problem of restlessness, anger and irritation if the players are not able to meet the match of the game.
The players will show aggression and options of low mood for not haning the ability to complete a definite level similarly.

Upcoming Intrust For All Age Group
Now we'll talk about the game XYY which is far better than Candy Crush Saga. It's the options like unlimited play times, unlimited chances and great many stages to choose from. Along side that the game is filled with bonuses, you'll be able to get bonuses on every stage which reinforce you to play.

It's associate exciting game that don't cause you to feel mood swing like that of Candy Crush Saga. It's great graphics and back ground music that that may be soothing for you.

Candy Crush SagaXYY Game
Created psychological problemsSooths mind
Creates restless ness, irritation, angerCreates fun, and a happy memories
Ask for moneyOffers cash prize
Limited game playsUnlimited gameplays
Few stagsHundreds of stages

XYY is available for ICO at xyy.io
Escrow service provided by: Dabs
Accepted currencies: BTC
ICO supply: 3919995
Crowdsale: 3000000
marketing and bounties: 919995
ICO START November 21, 2016 9:00 AM UTC; END December 12, 2016 9:00 AM UTC

  1. week + 50% bonus ICO price 0.00001000 = Nov 21, 2016 9:00 AM UTC END Nov 28, 2016 9:00 AM UTC
  2. week + 10% bonus ICO price 0.00001400 = Nov 28, 2016 9:00 AM UTC END Dec 05, 2016 9:00 AM UTC
  3. week (final week) ICO price 0.00001500 = Dec 05, 2016 9:00 AM UTC END Dec 12, 2016 9:00 AM UTC

A minimum of 6 BTC is required for project succes
If the total investment is below 6 BTC, investors wil get a full refund

- Dec 12, 2016 : XYY ICO IS failed All investment is refunds

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