DopeCoin Has Rebranded as DopecoinGold

DopeCoin (DOPE) is a decentralized, digital currency and payment system similar to Bitcoin. DOPE created in January 2014, was designed specifically with the goal of providing a billion dollar industry with safer and faster way of doing business.
Dope is long-term project, as evidence of the seriousness of this project, until now still exist in the market (eg: Bittrex )
The team conscious must should continue develop to remain competitive with other marijuana business competitors, several more states just passed legalized marijuana.

The previous version of Dopecoin ( DOPE ) using Scrypt POS/POW ran into some progress due to the overwhelming power of competitor marijuana, problems with the chain, block spacing.
Dope have addressed all these problems and added some exciting new elements that are included in this update.

And Dope will Announces the Launch of Its Upcoming it's going to be called DopeCoin Gold.
Currency name DopeCoin and trade symbol DOPE , the currency name has rebranded to 'Dopecoin Gold" and a ticker still same ( DOPE ) , but with new features to be added soon. The feature list will be released at the same time as the new name.

Before doing so, the team has agreed to all Dopecoin's must be swapped from Dopecoin v3 to Dopecoin Gold v4.
The deadline to swap is until Feb 15, 2017 at 06.00 HRS.
So, If you own old V3 coins, you should immediately swap your coins to the new V4 version, please PM dopecoindude with it. February, 1st 2017 is the last day to swap.

The Main Goal
Dopecoin Gold is the first crypto coin that will embed an advertising network fr the MJ related business into the DopeCoin Gold wallet that people download. One feature that will be added is Advertising System, which users will have the incentive to buy dopecoin.
Already we know that the majority of that most businesses can't advertise Marijuana busineses on google Adsense.
With DopeCoin Gold, you can transaction more easier as the merchant is already buying adspace seemlessly with using DopeCoin Gold in-wallet.
So with Dopecoin Gold each user / people can transact with Fast-Secure-Comfortable.

Specifications of Dopecoin Gold
  • Name: Dopecoin Gold
  • Ticker: DOPE
  • Total coins supply: 200,000,000
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • System: POSV3
  • POS Interest: 5 % annual
  • Block Time: 60 seconds

Team of Dopecoin Gold
The team work are the same as the previous project, consists of people who are competent in their field.
  1. Adam Howell (dopey), Founder of Dopecoin
  2. dopecoindude, Community Leader
  3. AnotherLateMiner, Hacker
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out and Join Slack Channel to communicate with Dopecoin Gold team!
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  1. can i recover my old coins still? i didnt know about the switch to dopecoingold

  2. i also didnt know about the switch?????can i recover?