BitX Rebranding To Becomes Luno

BitX is company's leading digital currency in the world with a team of more than 40 technology and financial experts, operating in different countries and continents. Products and services of BitX is easier for individuals and institutions in the store, buy, use, and learn digital currencies like Bitcoin.
BitX was established in early 2013 to bring the power of digital currency to the world.

The team believes that such decentralization currency Bitcoin will change the way the world sees and uses the money: transactions faster, cheaper, and more secure; privacy and more freedom; the user experience is much better; and most importantly, equality for all people in accessing the financial system is the same, regardless of their background.

Today, January 11, 2017 has announced BitX rebranding to become Luno. According to them Luno is reflecting the identity and aspirations for this, so the new name can make products and better services for everyone.

We changed our name to Luno to reflect who we are, and the future that we want to achieve

Luno means 'moon' that reflects the spirit of the team and the users on this industry. At the same time, Luno also reflects the responsibility in helping people regardless of the current financial system.

The Moon also illustrates the potential of Bitcoin to provide open and equal access: irrespective of who you are and your background, every night we would all see the same month.
Moon is one of the constants in the world, which is really reminiscent of equality in the world.

Today, Luno also announced a range of new features including global financing through the credit card, a new learning portal, as well as websites and mobile applications better.

To that end, Luno also excited to announce:
  • New desktop and mobile apps for Android and iOS (go update them right now)
  • The ability to buy Bitcoin from almost anywhere in the world via credit card
  • Enterprise B2B platform is now live, and being tested with regulators in the UK
  • A new learning portal to help people learn about Bitcoin
  • Opened offices in London and will be building a larger presence in Europe
  • Luno hiring! See current career opportunities



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