CDIN Blockchain Movement for Better Nigeria in The Future

Nigeria has become one of country that has high corruption level. However, their government has done many ways, one of them is using the Blockchain industry. Few days ago, Cryptography Development Initiative of Nigeria or it's known as CDIN, has become the other party that also joins to be partner with government in that program. More than that, this program has already implemented on education world and technology. CDIN itself is non-government organization, where many stakeholders in Nigeria work together in one and same purpose, which is to close the gap in cryptography development, such as crypto-currencies and crypto-ransomware.

The movement of CDIN, with its "Blockchain Nigeria 2017" also gets support from National electronic Fraud Forum or NeFF. The Chairman of NeFF, Dipo Fatokun also said about this matter in letter that sent to CDIN. In the letter, Fatokun basically say that NeFF is gladly providing the support that CDIN need, in technical advice and/or speakers for their Blockchain Nigeria 2017 event. More than that, NeFF also ask for support from the opposite party, so, both of them can work together to reach their goal.

As Adeolu Fadele, President of CDIN, said, this event will be the first international Blockchain conference in West Africa. This event will use the theme, "Blockchain Nigeria 2017 : Effective Tool For Anti-Corruption And Economic Growth". With this theme and event, Fadele hope that it can many stakeholders and other party that related to this matter, work together in order to provide better Nigeria, in the crime suppressed, customer protection and new jobs offers aspect. That way they can give Nigeria great future.

More than that, CDIN is also trying to work together with BitLand. Fedele say that CDIN think that BitLand is perfect partner for realizing their ideal, as this organization has did some great project in providing information about land for Bitshares Blockchain stakeholders. The project itself has already run in several places, such as Kumasi, Ghana. And, with BitLand that also want to expand their project, Nigeria will be perfect choice.

BitLand Chief Security Officer and President, Larry Christopher Bates said that BitLand want to apply the Blockchain technology as soon as possible. Therefore, Nigerian Blockchain would be one of good target for them. Now, they are trying to make sure that this community has right environment for applying the new technology that BitLand brought. The event itself will be held in the middle of this year. Beside BitLand and NeFF, other organization also has interest to join, such as CSEAN, NITDA, several banks and many more.



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