ChronoBank and Emercoin Work Together for Better Platform

ChronoBank and Emercoin (EMC) have announced that they are now working together. The partnership between Blockchain-based initiative and Crypto currency platform will cover many different areas in this industry, especially the short-term recruitment sector. More than that, EMC also use this chance to consult with ChronoBank for further development of their platform in the future, related to financial instrument sector.

Back in 2013, EMC has started their movement in this industry. They offered Blockchain platform for many types of services. Basically, the user can use standard feature, such as using alternate domain system to provide torrent tracker. More than that, they also launch many different applications for supporting their main purposes.

The agreement between ChronoBank and EMC, according to Sergei Sergienko, CEO of ChronoBank is the acknowledgement that ChronoBank give to EMC. He said that EMC has did lot of great thing for Blockchain infrastructure that will become the base of many different financial application in the future. Of course, the partnership also gives both side advantages. For ChronoBank, Sergienko said that this will become the great source of knowledge and help for developing ChronoBank into much better company in the future.

One of the partnership forms that both sides provide is now, the EMC currency can be used in ChronoBank as part of its crowd fund. As mentioned by Oleg Khovayko, lead developer of EMC, this decision is one of the best things they ever received and got acknowledged from big company like ChronoBank will make them ready to develop their technology and business into bigger and better one. More than that, ChronoBank also gets benefits by getting better security and usability for their service.

There are three platform in ChronoBank that will be used the technology from EMC. They are:
  • emcSSL, one of security system related to password safety that use the certificate and now can be used locally, using Blockchain for decentralized from previous platform.
  • emcSSH, will become the bridge between OpenSSH and EMC Blockchain technology, for much easier management and used of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
  • emcDNS, it’s similar to NameCoin, however without using .bit extensions.

Sergienko also said that this partnership will give much more benefits for ChronoBank. They will be able to provide strong decentralized platform and infrastructure, with better up-time and security for their client. And, this way, the ChronoBank platform will be also suitable with the latest Blockchain-based technologies, which is very important for the future, especially competition with their competitor.

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