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The digital era and internet always take part in every day’s innovation. People are easily connected by the internet. It grows so fast that it causes many development in it. If you are used to have real life transaction, it is sure that you will be surprised of how advanced technology is. In real world, you might know that there is money or currency investment that allows people to enhance their wealth by investing their money in certain company. However, in this digital era, investment is no longer about real money or gold. As internet spreads so fast, now you have to learn about new type of investment; trading cryptocurrencies and tokens.

It sounds new to some people but this kind of investment gets popular lately. As example, you may check Taas.fund to understand how this investment works. It is an innovative business in which the investors are allowed to trade cryptocurrencies or tokens. Usually, people need to exchange the information they have by waiting the data forth and back. It is different with this investment. You may have transaction at the same time by using blockchain. Therefore, the people involved would not have any difficulties or risk in having their transaction.

You might wonder what TaaS is, it stands for Token As A Service. TaaS is known to be the first truly transparent closed-end fund ( CEF ) which is dedicated to Blockchain. Since it uses blockchain, the information needed is shared in a kind of storage in which both parties can access it at the same time. In the website mentioned above, you will be able to get further information related to how the investment works. There is no doubt that it would be a great chance for you who want to try something new. Even though it is internet based investment, there is no doubt that you can get transparent audit for it.

There are at least five ways to achieve transparent cryptographic audit in TaaS. The first of all, it gives proof of reserves so it can be audited. Besides, each account has a view-only API key so the balance can be verified. Non-exchange account can also get proof of reserves easily. It has the same thing to do with the fiat account. Last but not least, it also gets regular blockchain snapshots that allow the contract to be developed for audit. Overall, it is surely interesting and great for everyone to try it out.

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