Things that Make Starbase Different with Other Crowdfunding Projects

If you want to raise significant amount of money for your startup business quickly, crowdfunding is one of the best way to do it. Presenting an excellent project is certainly important to attract investors. However, it is only one part of the equation. To ensure the success of the crowdfunding, you also need to choose the right platform.

In this internet era, token crowdfunding platform is certainly the best to start your project and Starbase is one of them. Starbase is not the first token-based fundraising platform ever created, but it offers some great things that distinguish it with other token-based or even conventional crowdfunding sites. Startbase is crowdfunding/sourcing platform which provied collaborative value platform for people who want to challenge. Here are some of them.

1. Token Base Crowdfunding
As an aspiring businessman, you must have heard about some popular crowdfunding sources such as or So, what makes Starbase as token crowdfunding site different with those conventional platforms? Well, since this is business we are talking about, of course we should mention profit, and this is where Starbase triumphs over other conventional platforms.

Every transaction, payment and reward in Starbase will be made in the form of cryptocurrency. We know that cryptocurrency value at the market nowadays keeps increasing. It means, when you are investing in token-based crowdfunding, it is highly possible that you will get higher return of investment in the future due to the token’s price change at the market. Furthermore, since it applies every cryptocurrency principles and every transaction will be fully recorded in a blockchain, it is a nice way to invest in a business securely.

2. Multiple Blockchain
Now, what makes Starbase different with other token crowdfunding platforms like Waves, or Counterparty? One of the most noteworthy is the fact that unlike the others, Starbase is not a blockchain. Starbase is created to be the best crowd sourcing platform that can be used easily by many people who want to kick start their business. This way, people can take full advantages of digital coins without having to be an expert in blockchain.

3. Global Reach
Most of conventional crowdfunding site can only be used to find funds for local projects. As a result, many investors often found the projects in those sites unappealing and lack of innovation. Starbase is different because it is opened for all kind of projects from around the world. Most global projects are big in scale and it brings plenty of new innovation that investors find attractive. So, it is an excellent platform for both startups and investors to find more business opportunity.

Startbase Team
  • Tomoaki Sato, Co-Founder
  • Yuyamanaka, VIP of Engineering
  • Bharat Jariwala, FullStack Developer
  • Dongying Li, Engineering
  • Yakahiro Igarashi, Director of Corporate Administration Group
  • Ryosuke Shimizu, Blockchain Service Engineer
  • Hideki Taniguchi, Blockchain Marketer
  • Sandy Chu Umnart, ASEAN Marketing Partner
  • Jamal Aezaz, Bitcointalk, Marketing Manager

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