Qtum Will Become The Solution for Blockchain

In March, 2016, led by Patrick Dai, the Qtum Project has begun. Qtum will become one of digital currency that can be used for transaction in the world. This digital currency also uses the Unspent Transaction Output ( UTXO ) model as its base, as well as the Proof-of-Stake contract system to make it even safer. And, this week, this project has successfully collecting $1 million of support from some high profile party.
For example, Anthony Di Iorio, Co-Founder of Ethereum and founder of Jaxx Blockchain Interface. Then, there is also Jeremy Gardner, Co-Founder of Augur and EIR as Blockchain Capital, Bo Shen, Blockchain technology advocate, Star Xu, CEO of OkCoin, Kuaidi Dache founder, Chen Weixing and Xiaolai Li, one of biggest investor for this project.

Dai has some experience tasting the Blockchain technology in China, when he worked at Alibaba. Then, he tried to do some research about this aspect in 2013 and found that there is lack of innovation in Blockchain technology in China. His project has purpose to create good ecosystem that is suitable for many developers from China or other country. More than that, Dai also said that Qtum is also created to make Bitcoin and Ethereum communities worked really well with today’s business. This project has successfully did that, and there are also many gifted individual that came from Baidu, Alibaba, NASDAQ and Tencent, and work together for this project. When Di Iorio decides to invest in Qtum project, he said that the main reason is the project leadership and team involved within. They are the best team that they can found in China.

According to Dai, Qtum project will be able to solve the problem where the Blockchain technology can’t be applied for business today. Bo Shen also agreed with this opinion. He said that Qtum is like bridge that connects Blockchain community with real business world. And, the first target of Qtum project is Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In the future, Qtum will allow their user to do Blockchain related activity, including using smart contract that is needed in financial industry. Blockchain technology isn’t the mainstream technology yet. Therefore, they use some strategy like mobile strategy to make it widely known. For example, they are going to use SpringEmail and Qloha, and then using WeChat platform and many more. On March 1st, 2017, Qtum plan to launch this platform to get more popular as well as fund to develop the project even further.



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