MelonPort : The Blockchain Software for Asset Management

MelonPort is derived from the Swiss company that had announced their upcoming launches for the Melon Software as the crypto asses managers in their relationship with Dr. Gavin Wood. One of the platform was built in the revolutionary’s Polkadot as the multi chain networks which had been made by the Ex of Chief Technology Officer from Etherum Platform.

Dr. Gavin Wood as the one name that leading behind the Ethereum network that also as the founder from EthCore company which known as the parity. The Polkadot multi change framework had been created to support of any Blockchains without any occuped as far as they convenience with the certain specifications. Using the Melon, the managing of cryptocurrency portfolio were offered with the secure access and user friendly for the infrastructure of decentralized Blockchain that will allow them in managing and invest the crypto portfolios that similar with the conventional hedge financial.

Melon using the modular infrastructure that combines with the certain rules that set the governments to operate the crypto assets on the platform. The Melon infrastructure had designed in a good way that allowing the opinion in important aspects, such as: exchanges system, management funds, price feed sources, etc. Being the Blockchain that based on dealing system with the cryptocurrencies. Melon will offer you with the several transparency to the several varieties of assets management roles, such as: setting up and manage the portfolios, create and build the track record, etc. Through this automation, some o traditional costs, such as: fund administrator, operational cost, marketing cost are able to reduce dramatically as well.

The melon software had been supported by the multi chains network by Polkadot that was basically focused on the individual catering with the extension support for the enterprise and open chains as well. The MelonPort had made for almost of all of sources codes from the Melon Open resources with whole of the relevant code which are available in GitHub account company.

MelonPort had been found by Reto Trinkler and Mona El Isa, which is very useful for managing the traditional assets managers who expand their portfolios with including of crypto assets with the traditional assets. For the company which always developing the software, they had a plan to start the crowd funding Campaign to collect the funds through ICO at February 15th 2017.

The rich features from this platform expect that can play the key point while promoting the usage of cryptocurrency for the finance and asset’s invenstment in this current time. This is also able to involve the peoples who never use cryptocurrencies then and them into existing investement portfolios as well.
Team Of Melonport
- Reto Trinkler, Co-Founder
- Mona El Isa, Co-Founder
- George Hallam, Head of Business Development
- Dr. Gavin Wood, Advisors
- Jehan Chu, Advisors
- Dr. Andreas Glarner, Advisors

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