Aeternity Blockchain an Innovative Approach To Smart Contracts

At the beginning of 2011 which created Bitcoin, not many people are interested to talk and use. Perhaps because it is difficult to understand or they did not know much about the system used.
around 2016, suddenly everyone started talking about Blockchain.

Blockchain technology is the backbone of the digital currency Bitcoin.
This technology, have significant impact on the business industry and also financial services.
Blockchain seemed to be the second generation after the advent of the internet. And will be of considerable potential and could change the appearance of the financial services industry.

From this and some people had the idea to develop and create new scalable blockchain architecture. The Blockchain they named Aeternity Blockchain -  the trustless, decentralized and purely-functional Oracle Machine.
The technology introduced by some people who already have experience in the blockchain system.
  • Yanislav Malahov is a true veteran of the blockchain space. The "Godfather of Ethereum" envisioned in 2013 to have powerful algorithms on Proof-of-Stake blockchains
  • Zack Hess was developing the augur blockchain, before they switched to Ethereum
  • Jack Pettersson was working for Synereo, where he created a new language to write smart contracts
The main components of Aeternity Blockchain: AE token, Smart Contracts, Oracles, Names (DNS), Blockchain Network, Accounts and Identity

Aeternity delivers an innovative approach to smart contracts, oracles and value exchange via off-chain state channel management.
Aternity is based on a hybrid Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism that lets every user stake, while leveraging the wisdom of the crowds and the oracle in a decentralized way.

Oracle machine is something more powerful than a Turing-machine. It can give answer to any question, in a single step. The aeternity Oracle Machine provides real-world data to the blockchain.
It is essentially a magical construct from theoretical computer science.

Aeternity is a next-level, brand new blockchain technology in the making, with many features that tackle current issues of blockchain systems in an elegant way.
Aeternity builds up a decentralized oracle, one which can’t be easily corrupted, similarly to Augur and Gnosis but with a few crucial differences, which effect especially efficiency and security of the oracle.

Main Goal of Aeternity Blockchain
The Aeternity Blockchain aim not only to deliver a rock-solid blockchain implementation, but also a basic set of apps bringing real use cases to the network and make them accessible from day one.

Team of Aternity
  1. Yanislav Malahov, Founder
  2. Zack Hess, Technical Lead
  3. Jack Pettersson, Science and Technology
  4. Marion Vogel, Marketing & Operations
  5. Vladislav Dramaliev, Marketing & Community
  6. Nikola Stojanow, Business Development
  7. Dan Verowski, Blockchain Advocate
  8. Lior Zysman, Law and Regulation
  9. Louis Chang, Creative Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out:
or Join Slack to communicate with AETERNITY team!

Development Roadmap

Official Link
  WhitepaperRead Now!

- 03 Apr, 2017 : Aeternity Web Wallet is Live
- 03 Apr, 2017 : How to Send Bitcoin to æternity’s Contribution Wallet
- 12 Apr, 2017 : Aeternity TestNet: Installation and Mining

ETH Address: 0xcb33b5b3365e5A39d51d473D43A5dA783Dc23355



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