New Way for Investment by Cryptoforecast Token

Bitcoin seems appears as perfect media for investor from around the world include from developing world to have access into profitable trading that it is impossible before the bitcoin invented. To mainstream the bitcoin, it is available to use in all the ways of one that use for paying any services and goods, to trading, borrowing and investing that will generate return for their benefit. The CryptoForecast token or CFT is the asset that secured by Bitcoin Blockchain. The participant from ICO will accept the asset in CFT and the distribution asset will be divided use proportion that comes from single contribution. If you are interested to participate, you are able to funding with bitcoin, or swap the altcoin use changelly and shapeshift.

There is reason why you need to swap btc or alts into CFT because it is the only currency that acceptable to access the services from CFT. The participants will become the only resources that provide access into platform and as the services become trending the token will increase the value. The services and fee from the distributed token will be outcome into fixed value in USD price. Here, the total coin supply is priced 50 millions where all is premined.

The distribution will be divide into CryptoForecast team 1.500.000 CFT 3%, bounties that get 2% of 1.000.000 CFT, the advisor with 1.5% with 750.000 CFT, the early development team that take 1,5% or 750.000 and the ICO investor that take 92% profit distribution that 46.000.000 CFT. Still not satisfied enough with the distribution? Do not worry because there is bonus that available for the participant.

The bonus is released when the ICO is end. This purposed that the effective rate will not determine before the end of ICO. For the first participant who contributes 1° day, they are able to have multiplier from 1, 5. After that, the multiplier is going to decrease into 1.2 starts from the 2° day. Move from that point, each day, the multiplier will be decrease into 0.0074 and there will be no multiplier start from day 30° day to 34° day. The potential of big distribution is open widely with CryptoForecast token. There is supported with software tool that makes able to read the signal and any indication of trend will be predicted well for take less risk. Since it is impossible for predict the market exactly, due to the fluctuations that uncertain and unpredictable, but with the software tools, it can give excellent result to as close as to the trend and earn profit.

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- Mar 18, 2017: The official site is now online!

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