LUNYR : The New Decentralized World Knowledge

Internet has becomes the unlimited information sources that able to access from anywhere and anytime. However, the information that establish in internet encyclopedia can be filled with inaccurate information that is vulnerably to censorship.

The alternativemassive encyclopedia, Lunyr has established for solving the problem and added with new features. The new Lunyr has becomes the crowdsourced encyclopedia such as Wikipedia that give rewards for users with app tokens for contributing information and give peer reviewing. The purposes from the Lunyr are giving the reliable, accurate information into internet. Everyone has their own requirement for information as we need it daily. 7 from top 10 most visited sites in globally in content associated with information obtaining and searching. This is why it is important for having reliable contributor. In Wikipedia, anyone is able to edit articles and this means users are able to falsify the information easily.

Lunyr is a system that entirely decentralized, meanwhile the reviews, contribution and dispute resolution and others are handled by smart technology Ethereum by automatically. As noted, this is important to economic management and funding system. The system is eliminates the potential of financial interest to the influenced content. With this, make Lunyr becomes the safest introduce advertising into Wikipedia platform. The contributors that have join to Lunyr will able to earn different tokens depend to the job that they do. The tokens are contributions token and honour tokens. The contribution token is token that will be uses for calculating personal reward in "LUN". LUN is monetary token that underpins into internal economy system. The honour tokens are unable to transfer to other users and it is uses for reputation system foundation that able to use as dispute resolution.

Each advertiser that wishing to reach out to the Lunyr user should buying LUN tokens and that will give them the financial values. The long term development from Lunyr is create next generation of decentralization application in several features such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and many more. The ethereum token in Lunyr plays key role for provide incentives for those who have contribution to the system. The entire content submissions are go through the mandatory with peer reviews process and will not committed to the base of knowledge until it has been validated for the accuracy and reliability information. The rewards contribution token is to ensures that the peer reviewers act is giving the best interest to the system.

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