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Now, Bitcoin has become a very common payment method. Besides for online transaction, now we can also use it to buy groceries in offline store, play virtual reality games and even to gamble. If you feel lucky and you want to increase your Bitcoin saving quickly, you can test your luck and play dice casino in In this gambling game, you need to make your bet with Bitcoin and if you win, the payout will also be in Bitcoin. The default currency in this site is m฿ and 1 Bitcoin equals 1,000 m฿.

How to Play
This game is very easy to play. You only need a sharp instinct and maybe some luck on your side. First of all, you need to make a prediction on what number will appear on the screen. Type down the number you predict on the prediction box. After that, fill the bet box with the amount of bet you want to make. You are free to bet as high or as low as you want.
But remember, the higher the stake is, the amount of Bitcoin you get when you win also will be higher.

If you are sure with the bet amount and the prediction number, now you need to decide whether the random number will be higher or lower than your prediction number. You can also see the chance of winning as well as the amount of money you can win for each option so you can make the right decision. If you win, the Bitcoin will go straight to your digital wallet.

Provably Fair Game
The best thing about dice casino game is the fact that it is provably fair. This site uses cryptography that will be able to prove that every role of dice is fair, it is not manipulated and it can be proven mathematically. The random number is completely random and both the server and player don’t know what number will come out until it comes out. This is because the game takes advantage of server seed, random seed and client seed so it is fair to every party.

About Money Withdrawal
The amount of Bitcoins you deposit and win will be visible in the transaction page, Please remember that delay is normal when you are trying to withdraw your Bitcoins. This is because the site only store limited amount of coins in its hot wallet for security process. If the wallet runs out of coins, you will need to wait for several days until the wallet is filled with coins again.

So, come on join with us :

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