Venture Capital Investment with Blockchain

A smart choice of investment, the digital liquid venture fund is a great choice to let your money grows. The Blockchain Capital on the other hand comes as one of the leading investment firms in venture capital that is always ready to receive and grow your money.
Blockhain has a distinct investment vehicle of the “Digital LP” which is one of a kind. There are two different routes for this company to raise fund. They are the evergreen fund known as Blockhain Capital III Digital Liquid VF and the traditional Limited Partnership known as Blockchain capital III LP. Read further information below to understand more about this company.

Reasons to choose VC Token as Investment
Well, you may wonder why VC Token should be your choice of investment and not any other else. There is more than just one reason for it. The VC Token allows you to get exposure to Coinbase and Abra, the top tier companies. Without any middleman, it gives you much lower fees. It gives you transparence through the so called regular portfolio valuation updates. And, you always have two choices to make, to increase the exposure or to take profits. It also gives you no barriers or minimums to entry. Meanwhile, the repurchase option comes as a fully functional mechanism for built-in value appreciation.

So, how much is per 1 BCAP Token? It is US$1. For every token you purchase, you have to pay the management fees. It includes 2.5% performance fee and 2.5% management fee. The token you purchase will give you access to the latest investment strategy with unparalleled network to allow you recognizing any compelling investment opportunities. The new investment opportunities give you more chances to grow and bring your investment to the next level.

Benefits of Choosing Blockchain
The first and foremost benefit is the access to the Virtual Capital game changer. Yes, Blockchain changes the VC Token into some kind of private equity asset class and venture capital. You and other investors also get equal access to democratize the market. There will be no more intermediary payments.

This company’s reputation has been proven so you can enjoy the VC fundraising will fully US compliance via the digital tokens. Strong deal flow makes another benefit while strong relationship and the outstanding management teams convince you one more time to choose the Blockhain instead of other exchange companies to handle your digital investment.

Roadmap of Blockchain Capital

Investing Team
  • Bart Stephens, Co-Founder and Managing Partner
  • Brock Pierce, Managing Partner at Blockchain Capital & Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation
  • Spencer Bogart, First and only Wall Street analyst covering Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • JoAnne Lauer, 25 years leading operations in financial services and consulting
  • Jeremy Gardner, Frequent industry speaker Entrepreneur in Residence
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out:
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