ZrCoin : The Best Commodity-Backed Blockchain Option

You may wonder what is ZrCoin. ZrCoin is the first option of Blockchain for investing in the in-demand industrial material production. It has one great feature of being not susceptible to typical CryptoCurrency volatility and inflation. It makes ZrCoin a fully reliable tool for growth and presentation of the capital Funds. It is completely true that investing in ZrCoin can produce yield as much as 100% profit which makes all investors including you to be fully convinced in investing in ZrCoin. As trusted liquid trading asset, it is guaranteed that all investors can receive their funds back at any point following the ICO. It is also completely possible for them to redeem the ZrCoin to get the physical ZrO2.

How ZrCoin Works
Of course, you are now feeling more curious about how the ZrCoin works in order to give you the amount of profit you have been expecting. How ZrCoin works is started with the investors buying the ZrCoins. The ZrCoins itself are Blockchain tokens with 1kg Synth underlying asset. Investors can have the chance to get 50% price cut under unique conditions. Once the investors purchase ZrCoins, they have the rights to ask for the funds back at any point once the ICO has been completed.

The production of Synth is carried out within green manufacturing facility that is supported by the Crowdsourced funds. The purity of the Snyth is higher than 66% at all times. Within only 6 to 7 months, this production line will be carried out and fully completed. And, the investors including you can inspect the production process through the webcam.

  • Vitaliy Merzlyakov, Work experience in the refractory field – 12 years
  • Victor Kochetkov, Head of Metallurgy Laboratory in Ekaterinburg
  • Yevgeny Panov, Head of OgneuporProm Group
  • Vadim Sychev, Experience in the export of metal-containing materials worldwide
  • Andrei Nikonorov, Adviser for blockchain technology implementation in the financial field
  • Alexander Rubin, Founder of Glenwood Capital
  • Sasha Ivanov, Founder and CEO of wavesplatform.com
  • Vladimir Perepelitsyn, Head of Material Science Technology Laboratory of the Factory Engineering Centre
  • George Daneliya, A financial expert, ex-Vice President in Singapore Department of Morgan Stanley
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Official website
or Join Slack to communicate with ZrCoin team!

How To Become an Investor at ZrCoin
There are certain applicable requirements to invest in ZrCoin. The first requirement is the country of origin or residency. Of all countries in the world, there are blocked countries. It means anyone from or live in any of these countries do not have access to ZrCoin. Once they want to sign up, they will be blocked automatically. Therefore, make sure to check your IP address or change your domicile to access the ZrCoin. The soon-to-be investors have to be at least 18 years old or at any age according to the local law and regulations. If you have met all the requirements, you can soon start signing up and joining the ZrCoin community to grow and amplify your money.

So, once you become an investor at ZrCoin, what rights or privileges do you have? Perhaps, it should be started with the privilege or access to the construction process. Even though you cannot observe it directly but the ZrCoin provides particular webcam to give you virtual access to the construction process.

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Bounty Program
And there is also good news for those of you who want to get some free ZrCoin.
ZrCoin project will distributed a few percent of the ICO result, and it will be divided into several categories.
  1. Social media campaign (0,3%)
    Social media campaign is managed through service https://theviralexchange.com
    You should register and connect your social media pages to this service.
    Then you should make some tasks as to make retweet, "like" page on facebook or subscribe Youtube channel.
  2. Translations and moderation of threads on local boards
    Translation of topic - 15 ZrCoin with 1 update per week as moderation
  3. Bitcointalk Signature and Avatar campaign (0,7%)
    There are 500 slots for participants of the signature campaign, people can be participate min rank is Member to get a stake.
    -Participants need to keep the signature until the end of ICO.
    -Duration of ICO is not more than 30 days.
    -Start - beginning of April.
    -Any attempt at cheating will be punished with disqualification from the campaign.
    -You cann't advertise any other websites/threads in your signature!
    -Any user with negative trust will not be allowed to participate.
    -Only good quality posts and that are relevant to the thread will be counted.
    -No spam posts you're making, you will be removed from the campaign and receive no payment.

    Junior Member: 1 stake
    Member: 2 stake
    Full Member: 3 stake
    Sr Member: 4 stakes
    Hero\Legendary: 5 stakes

    And it gives 1 Stake per week for wear avatar (who has Full Member rank and higher)
More detail about this campaign, please check ZrCoin Bounty Program Thread


  1. Idea

  2. Study

  3. Technology development

  4. Negotiating with suppliers of equipment, raw materials, and with buyers

  5. Website launch

  6. Investment company

  7. Purchase and deployment of manufacturing equipment

  8. ZrCoin buy-back from investors

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