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Blockchain is all the rage right now. It just so happens that every single time the blockchain technology is brought up in conversation, what we have on our minds is cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Who would have thought that cryptocurrency is not the only thing that can be run using this latest technology? Yes, I was one of those people who thought this could not possibly a thing, but turns out I was wrong. It was not until my first encounter with EncryptoTel online that my perception gradually changed. Something that I first dismissed as an impossible invention is actually a breakthrough which deserves more attention than it currently has. Interesting, isn’t it? Read on to learn more about EncryptoTel and why I believe this is the future of our telco technology.

As the first and leading blockchain technology in the world, EncryptoTel focuses on blockchain-based communication infrastructure and VoIP. We are all familiar with the VoIP technology, but not with a B2B blockchain and Secure VoIP type of communication infrastructure. This is where it gets incredibly fascinating, EncryptoTel is combining one of the most promising new-age technology with the VoIP communication sector and virtual Private Branch Exchange (also known as PBX) with an intricate encryption. Its main focus is, as all of you have probably presumed, the security of our network encryption while at the same time being the leading company which uses blockchain technology to communicate – making it the bright future of technology in communication industry.

Reading my overview above may make you sigh in disbelief as, instead of making communication seems a breeze, this latest technology makes it extremely complicated. “How would anyone operate it?” This is the same question I asked to myself back in the day, simply because I assumed the process would be a tad complicated just as how you would mine a coin – again, I was wrong.

EncryptoTel provides us with various options to connect, you can basically use any type of operating system: iOS, Linux, Windows, and even Android SIP. This is obviously a good news to all of us who have been increasingly worried about the security front of our video and audio calling, as well as messaging communication. This new communication technology has passed testing and is reportedly to go on sale starting April 24th this year, offering pay-as-you-go option and subscription option which are more cost efficient and affordable than conventional communication technology.

EncryptoTel Team and Escow
  • Roman Rekrasov, CEO and co-founder
  • Aleksey Kuznetsov, CTO and co-founder
  • Igor Biyutskih, CIO and co-founder
  • Sasha Ivanov, CEO and Founder og Waves Platform
  • Dmitry Meshkov, PhD, IOHK.io researcher
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: http://ico.encryptotel.com/index.html#staff or Join Slack to communicate with #ETT team!


  1. ICO Period

    - Creation and distribution of tokens
    - Update of development plans (dependent on funds raised)
    - Registration of legal entity
    - Staffing

  2. Pre-Release

    - Opening of company office
    - Encryption of packet switching via video-voice packet switching servers (4th level of packet switching), with support of SRTP+TLS
    - Implemantation of services based on blockchain technology
    - Development of user accounts
    - "Hidden number" functionality implemented

  3. Main Development

    - Reconstruction of UI, UX
    - New ecryption protocol, protection from MitM attacks
    - Release of new functionality including SMS and MMS
    - Entry into local market
    - Launch of user accounts

  4. Testing

    - Mobile applications testing
    - LiteWebApp testing
    - PBX constructor release
    - API

  5. Final Preparations

    - Launch of PR campaign
    - Launch of fully-fledged project as a servic for secure communications
    - Prototype of device for safe communications
    - Applications release

  6. Release & Expanse

    - Commercial launch
    - Entry into international market
    - Local (on partner's side) sales offices opening (Global Expansions)

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