Understanding BOScoin and its Applications

Cryptocurrency is getting more popular these days. Many internet users utilize this type of currency for different reasons. Bitcoin is one of the most popular of this particular type of currency. But, you have more choices now. BOScoin can be your new alternative of dezentralized currency.

BOScoin: what is it?
Some of you may never hear of this currency before. It is because the currency is still pretty new. The name BOScoin is taken from the terms of BlockchainOS and coin. This currency use many new technologies and, of course, the blockchain in order to solve constant concerns in the decentralized systems. BOScoin is a cryptocurrency platform that is directed to ‘Trust Platform’.

This particular particular currency may be new. However, it doesn’t mean that the value of this currency is not high. BOScoin creators and board directors work hard to make this currency useful and more applicable. Therefore, the value of this particular currency will increase.

BOScoin’s ecosystems consist of:
  • Congress: they create democratic decision and make network.
  • mFBA (modified Federated Byzantine Agreement): it is the consensus algorithm used in the currency.
  • Trust Contracts: programmable contract with trust.
  • Commons budget: it is public budget for growth and evolution.
  • Freezing and confirmation rewards: it is the reward system.
  • Aplications: the compatible applications for this currency are Stardaq and Delicracy.

How the coins are issued
New BOScoin can be issued in four ways. Here they are.
  • Initial development budget
  • Confirmation reward
  • Freezing rewards
  • Common budget

Each of the issue has different characteristics. They differ in the number of coins invested in it. They also have different end of issuance. If you take part in one of those plans, you will be able to get shares ranging from 10% to 36%.

The Comparision Features
Core FeaturesFinancial Transactions (Bitcoin script)Smart Contracts (Solidity,Serpent,etc)Trust Contracts
(OWL 2 profile,TAL,SDLang)
Decision Making ProcessNon-systematicNon-systematicDemocratic Congress
(One node=One vote)
Consensus AlgorithmProof of WorkCurrent : Proof of Work Future : Casper (?)modified FBA
(Federated Byzantine Agreement)
Transaction Speed7tx/sec25tx/sec1,000tx/sec (target)
Block Interval10 minutes15 seconds5 seconds (target)
Block Size1MBDynamicDynamic

BOScoin applications
The applications that have been already developed for this currency are very useful. They will boost the value of BOScoin. In addition, they will increase the number of BOScoin users.

One of the applications is Stardaq. This application is very unique. It is an international celebrity popularity prediction market. This app shows index of popularity of international celebs. The users of this app can make bets on the rise and fall of certain celebrity popularity. And they need BOScoin to place the bets.

Another app that supports BOScoin is Delicracy. It is a collective decision making tool. This tool can be applied on various types of organizations. Users can place bets on various proposals. To make the bets, they must use BOScoin.

Team and Member
  • Changki Park, Chief Executive Officer
  • Yezune Choi, Chief Technology Officer / Trust Contract Inventor & Blockchain Architect
  • Han Kyul Park, Chief Operating Officer
  • In Hwan Kim, Credit Marketing Officer
  • Sung Ho Hong, Chief Product Officer
  • Jinchan Kim, Chief Financial Officer
  • Jake Hyunduk Choi, Chief Information Officer
  • Yongkwan Choi, Director
  • Myung San Jun, Blockchain Social Designer
  • Douglas Kim, Marketing Communication Manager
  • Aston Seokhyun Nam, Blockchain Developer
  • Hyeji Lee, Marketing Assistant
  • Ji Heon Yi, Civic Technology Architect
  • Seung Jin Kim, Social Web Planner
  • Billy T. Kim, Trust Contract Architect
  • Mike De’Shazer, Adviser
  • Mino Choi, Security Architect
  • Han Min Park, Marketing
  • Jong Hyun Kim, Business Developer
  • Mukeun Kim, Technical Director
  • Dongseok Tschoe, Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: Official website or Join Slack to communicate with BOScoin team!

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