Exscudo : a Bond of Traditional Finance and Cryptocurrency Market

If you need a platform that unites the cryptocurrency market and the traditional finance worlds, you can choose Exscudo as the best choice. Exscudo is the gateway between the traditional economy and the cryptocurrency market. Specially designed to make everyone can access the cryptocurrency market easily, fast and also legally to the credit card and also internet. You can have peace of mind by choosing them as your platform because the international team will work best for your satisfaction and fulfilling all your needs.

Platform with Great Team
The great team of Exscudo consists of many people with great enthusiasm. Those people are including the board members, advisors, developers, as well as the people who work well in the marketing, branding and also promotion. The team members always have great passion to work and making many innovations. To make the platform runs perfectly, the main work team also consists of professionals in financial, technical scientists with great experiences, and also entrepreneurs.

The amazing people come from the most important background in this field; finance and trading, complex systems and technology that has kinds of experience in the classic marketplaces, investment banks, top-tier firms in strategy consulting, technology firms as well as the leading research.
Exscudo team
  • Andrew Zimine, CEO, founder
  • Alex Sitnikov, CTO, founder
  • Julian Kossinov, Legal and Financial Advisor, European & North, American Markets Advisor
  • Alex Rebyakov, Lead Core Developer
  • Eugen Tchudinovskih, Lead Developer of trading terminals
  • Christian Kossinov, Financial Strategy Advisor, European and Asian Markets, Advisor
  • Oleg Bondar, Head of Front-End and App Development
  • Konstantin Afanasiev, Head of UX/UI
  • Aliaksandr Zahatski, Head of Web Development
  • Anton Baukin, Lead Java Developer
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: http://exscudo.com/#team or Contact to communicate with Exscudo team!

The Elements of Exscudo Ecosystem
As a great platform, Excudo has some elements in the ecosystem, such as;

Top Exchange Platform
The trading terminal of Exscudo can be accessed through any platform: mobile devices or desktop with any kinds of operating system including iOS, android, windows, etc. It also fully supports the exchange functions, with analytical possibilities in a wide range, with different order types, technical indicators, online listings, interactive graphics, transaction copies, and also trading signals. With the awesome design of the trading system, the traders can understand the difficult strategies in the platform.

The Charts
There is no any limits in cryptocurrency. That is why Exscudo also provides complete trades range for the users. It reflects the listings of exchange in the real time basis and also other related data from the platform itself and also the other exchanges of cryptocurrency.

Spread out protected Messenger
The decentralized messenger of the platform is perfectly secure with instant monetary transaction function between the people that make conversations. In this messenger, you can always have safe and confident communications about transfer funds. It is also easy because you only need send them a message to communicate.

There are many more features available in this platform including wallet, real debit card, safe payment methods, and many more for all comfortable and safe transactions.

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