How Minexcoin Environment Works

Investing in cryptocurrency has been a very popular trend nowadays. When you do it right by using good strategy and equipping yourself with proper knowledge about cryptocurrency, you can get huge amount of profit from this form of investment.

However, there are so many people that still hesitate to invest in cryptocurrency, and the most common reason for this is because of the risk involved. Cryptocurrency market can be extremely volatile. Furthermore, getting profit from altcoins can be very difficult because the market is still more interested in Bitcoin.

How Minexcoin Environment Works
This is investment we are talking about so of course there are always some risks involved. However, Minexcoin has successfully reduced the risk due to the volatility of cryptocurrency thanks to its stable and safe ecosystem.

So, how Minexcoin ecosystem works exactly that makes it more advantageous compared to other cryptocurrency platform. First of all, the risks in investing in cryptocurrency occur due to price growth and volatility. Exchange rate often becomes unstable which makes it impossible to retain purchase power. In Minexcoin ecosystem, volatility and price growth is maintained by, let’s say, a central bank that is called MinexBank.

Wait. Central bank? Isn’t cryptocoins supposed to be decentralized? Does it mean that Minexcoin is not independent? Well, the answer is yes cryptocurrency is supposed to be decentralized and no, Minexcoin is still completely independent without any authority to control it. The central bank in this case is actually the system’s autonomous algorithm. When the system sensed that there is increase in volatility and price in the market, it will automatically work to control the ecosystem. As a result, Minexcoin owners can always get high profit due to the stable exchange rate.

Now, is it possible for Minexcoin ecosystem to remain stable and still give the coin owners profit from the exchange rate margin? Thankfully, it is possible due to the advanced financial instruments used in this ecosystem. One of them is coin parking.

The ecosystem will be damaged when the number of stock is unstable and keep decreasing. But unfortunately, that is exactly what’s going to happen when the customers oversold the stock in the ecosystem to earn profit. This is where coin parking plays its role.

To put it simple, coin parking is just like depositing your money in a bank. It means, you cannot use your coins for a certain amount of time. But in exchange you can get up to 70% profit when you park your coin in your wallet and leave it there unused for a while.

Specifications of Minexcoin
  • Name: Minexcoin
  • Ticker: MNX
  • Hashing algorithm: Mars
  • Total amount: 19 000 000 MNX
  • Block rewards: 2.5 MNX
  • Block size: 2 MB
  • Block time: 2 min 45 sec

Team Minexcoin
  1. Boris Shulyaev, Founder, CEO
  2. Ruslan Babych, CTO
  3. Vladislav Zaychuk, Lead Developer
  4. Daniel Shulyaev, Community Manager
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: or Contact to communicate with Minexcoin team!

Roadmap of Minexcoin

  1. ICO

  2. - Minexcoin
    - Minex Bank

  3. Minex Platform

  4. Minex Exchange

  5. Minex Market

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