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Being a game developer is surely great business since people cannot spend their time without playing GAME. Mobile game takes important role in our daily life since we can enjoy the fun of playing game easily. When we have nothing to do or feel bored, mobile game is a getaway that will let us to kill the time while having fun. Because of this point, it make sense if mobile game industry grows fast every year. There is a significant change compared to decades ago. That is the reason why game developers take important part in the gaming industry for now.

Sergey Sholom VP of Development and CEO of Datcroft Ltd.
Perhaps the biggest task crypto faces is gaining mass consumer adoption in some area. As the owner of a game development company for 13 years, I know game developers want blockchain solutions. But I also know for gamer adoption we have to make the experience exciting, convenient and pass savings back to the players. We plan to do that in China, Asia and the West.

If you are a game developer, it is obvious that you need a kind of platform that will allow you to get more revenue without need to wait for a long time to get the payout. This is the reason why MobileGo exists to provide a platform where the developer gets an easy way to get the revenue quickly. MobileGo is a cross-platform collaboration that will use both Waves and Ethereum to host the token that will be used to drive adoption of the gamecredits cryptocurrency. Actually, there are many platform for the game developer to publish their games. However, the bad thing about it is they take at up to 30% as their revenue. It is obviously different from Mobilego. As you read more, you will find many benefits for the game developers to publish their game here.

The first of all, the waiting list. Most platform will make the game developer waits for a very long time to publish their game. It is surely bad since the longer the waiting, the longer the time for the game developer to get their revenue. In this platform, the game developer does not need to wait for very long time. Besides, MobileGo will only take as much as 10% of the revenue. It is surely tempting since the game developers will be able to get more profits after publishing their game in this platform.

If you are a game developer and you are interested to join this platform, you just need to share your APK to MobileGo. Then, people can easily download the game easily and play it. Whenever your game is downloaded, other platforms will make you wait up to 60 days again to get your payouts. It is obviously different from MobileGo since it will make the payouts as soon as possible. Your time is precious so this platform will not make you wait any longer. From now on, it is better to use this platform to publish your precious game.

MobileGo Team
  • Sergey Sholom, Development and CEO of Datcroft Ltd
  • Maxim Sholom, Development Gamecredits Mobile Store.
  • Vesselin Peev, Lead platform developer for the Gamecredits Mobile
  • Fran Strajnar, Lead Escrow-A multi-disciplined entrepreneur
  • Nikola Djoke, Chief Technology Officer
  • Rob Wilson, Advisor-Founder of Bitscan and Incent
  • Bok Khoo, Ethereum Dev BEc, AIAA, Director and Consultant

For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: or Join Slack to communicate with MobileGo team!

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