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Blockchain and smart contract are said to be the future of technology, which should not be surprising for all of us to see the wave of blockchain-based solutions ripple across the proverbial industry pond – something that has been happening for the past few years. As one of the most revolutionary technologies, blockchain has the ability to change the way businesses should be conducted. Take the blockchain-based health care management, and blockchain-based music streaming platform for instance. Blockchain does not only reshape the the business, but also fundamentally restructure the industry altogether.

Recently the news broke out about a new platform which is specifically built for content creators, the Embermine. It aims to cater to creators looking for an adequate platform to not only manage all of their creative projects, but also to distribute them. The main working component projects of this platform is nothing short of unique – albeit a tad complex due to the fact that it also incorporates smart contracts solidity with what is referred to as Bitshare-forked blockchain; a combination of content distribution network, social media network, and collaborative project management are what make up this platform.

Like any other blockchain-based solutions, the Embermine also comes up with its own currency. There are three currency systems with different uses. See the following list to see what the Embermine’s currency systems are, along with the explanations:

Embermine Tokens
Aptly abbreviated as EMB, the Embermine Tokens are tradable and used to stake nodes in the platform’s consensus process. Not only restricted to that, the tokens can also be used on various public exchanges.

This one is the energy unit meant to be used for any execution, whether it be interactions or activities between users such as a new project establishment and a project collaboration. Heat is also used as a measure of quality of the content, as well as a measure of any activity within each of the open project.

Used solely to conduct any transaction on the Embermine’s network, Spark is said to be pegged to the US dollar and also 100-percent backed by the cash reserves – which means, as a form of payment, Spark cannot only be used to pay for service or goods, but can also be withdrawn.

Embermine Team
  • James Drake, Chief Executive officer (CEO)
  • Garrison Breckenridge , Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Amanda Brett, Public Relations Director
  • Kristi Young, Application Development Manager
  • Colby Rodeheaver, Lead Application Developer
  • Jesse Meyer, Lead UI/UX Developer
  • Aaron Vo, Implementation Manager
  • Daniel Blaker, Community Manager
  • Joshua Redwine, Creative Arts Director
  • Joey Gentzler,Creative Arts Manager
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: https://embermine.com/about-embermine/team or Join Telegram to communicate with The Embermine team!

Embermine Crowdsale
Interesting with The Embermine project? As of now, the Embermine is holding a Token Sale started on May 5 - June 2nd, 2017. Those who wish to take a part should go over to its crowdsale page on its official website.
Crowdfund Timeline: 28 Days
Total Coins Supply: 150,000,000 GUP
Crowdfund Objective: 4,000 BTC ( min 200 BTC )
In case a minimum cap of 200 BTC is not reached, all pledged BTC will be sent back to Participants sending addresses ( REFUND ).

Special bonus for participant Embermine crowdsale on the first 2 hours of sales with a 15 % bonus, limited quantity, with the following early bird bonuses structure:
- Pre-Order (8am CST – 10am CST May 5th): 40,000EMB/BTC (.000025 ea)
- First Day: 33,333 EMB/BTC (.00003 ea)
- Rest of Sale: 25,000 EMB/BTC (.00004 ea)

The Embermine crowdsale structure is fully transparent and is now using a multi-sig wallet with Mikko Ohtamma of TokenMarket and James Drake of Embermine, Inc.
So don't missed to be part of The Embermine! More detail, please check this out: Crowdsale Portal


  1. Embermine Concept Initiation, Research and Development.

  2. Marketing, Incoporation, Strategic Partnership Development and Crowdsale.

  3. Embermine Genesis Block created, Minimum Viable Product release, Open Beta for several full product features.

  4. Version 1.0 Initial Embermine Product Release for iOS, Android, Windows and WebApp.

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