Benefits of Being EncryptoTel Investors

Have you ever heard of a company named EncryptoTel? Well, if you are familiar to Blockchain technology, Encryptotel certainly is familiar. This company is known as one of the companies offering Blockchain-based technology through radical new communication solutions. Basically, what this company offers is one of the most interesting ICO projects in cryptocurrency space. So, it focuses on the blockchain and encrypted communication that has attracted a lot of attention. When you think of investing in this company, you have considered the right decision because in the near feature, there will certainly be growing need for encrypted and secure form of communication. In this case, blockchain will certainly give huge help. Moreover, blockchain has also allowing the communication service to be actively integrated into any existing communication services.

Benefits of Being Encryptotel Investors
When you have started to think to be one of the EncryptoTel investors, you certainly think of any benefits available for you. Well, Encryptotel promises 5 main benefits for every investor joining this company. Let’s get to know the benefits further.

Rebates is the first main which offers maximum discount for all the investors on any company services. It definitely is a great benefit because it can be used to save on communication bill. The next benefit is the opportunity for investors to be involved in strategic business decisions. It means that you can have a say on determining the development of the company. What a great way to be involved, right? Another benefit is Priority Status. It means each investor is given in terms of purchase orders and support tickets. In other words, the investors will become like a VIP member of the company. Personal Account makes another benefit that should not be wasted by the investors. With this benefit, every investor is able to track the company’s current quarter profits, statistics and also payment history. The last benefit is ETT or EncryptoTel Token. ETT will be used as native currency for communication services and discounts. Here is how it works. Each token that is used to pay will then be burnt. It is done so in order to reduce overall token supply.

With such great benefits, it is not a mistake to choose being the EncryptoTel investor. In fact, in the near future, the benefits given by this company will simply become more enormous. Your investment will grow bigger and bigger over the next few years.



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