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Internet might be one of the most essential things in this modern life. There are so many things that you can do using the internet. Some people might use the internet to find the job that they want while some others might use the internet to interact with other people from all over the world through social media. These days you even can use internet for making your own cash. There are various choices of online business that you can do using the internet these days. One of the most popular online businesses that you can find these days is online trading. You can find various choices of platform and tools so that you can perform online trading in more effective and efficient way.

About CoinDash Platform
One of the best platforms that you can use to perform online trading these days is CoinDash. However, some of you might not know what CoinDash actually is. Basically, CoinDash is a social trading platform that uses crypto based platform. With CoinDash, you will be able to trade in more efficient way and perform various tasks in easier and more effective way. You can get insight to your crypto portfolio using this platform and you will also be able to benchmark your crypto portfolio against other traders and the market at the same time. This platform also allows you to follow investors with the best performance and copy their strategies so that you can invest your money just like those investors did.

With CoinDash, you will be able to explore new opportunities when trading in more effective way. This platform also allows you to use various new tools from investment automation to ICO dashboard so that you can get better results from your trading. If you want to get the optimal results when trading online, you need to choose the right platform and tools that can support your trading and predict your opportunities. Choosing the right tools and platform will affect your performance when trading online.

Even though there are so many trading platforms that you can find these days, not all of them can provide the best services and can help you get the best results when trading online. For those of you who want to trade online in more effective and efficient way, CoinDash is definitely one of the best platforms that you can find these days. This platform not only came with the most advanced tools but it also can help you perform trading in more professional way.

And again, there is good news that we can be part of this big project because in the near future the team will announce their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in July 2017. Details about CoinDash ICO, I'll post in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

CoinDash Team and Advisory
  • Alon Muroch, CEO and Dev
  • Adam Efrima, Co-founder and COO
  • Emmanuel Gimenez, Marketing
  • Ram Avissar, Marketing and Community
  • Matan Field, PhD, Blockchain Research
  • Eli Sklar, Director of Product and Dev
  • Bar Yariv, Dev
  • Niv Muroch, Dev
  • Damai, Community Manager
  • Jody Hsu, Director of Design
  • Matt Chwierut, Market Research Advisor
  • Brian Lio, Market Research Advisor
  • Vlad Cealicu, Product and Data Advisor
  • Tony Tao, China Market Advisor
  • Roy Zou, China Market Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: CoinDash Team & Advisory or join Slack channel to communicate with #CDT team!

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