Getting To Know Closer About Wagerr, The Sports Betting Blockchain

Introduce About Wagerr
Talking about sports betting and also about the blockchain, then we have lots of the ideas which we can obtain including the site of Wagerr. That is the site which people can simply visit and find lots of ideas related to the sports betting blockchain. It is a kind of interesting thing for any of you who love the challenges without dealing with the unfair game. Sure, betting can be unfair but we can find the right choice in dealing with the risk.

That is why we need to know really well first about the site and what we can trust them then. We need to learn much about it first before joining to the betting blockchain there. It sounds interesting but that is much better for us to know much more about the info related to the site and anything in it. Then, we can decide whether it is worth to try and totally secured or not. The information shown below hopefully can give you the clear overview as your helpful considerations.

Decentralized Betting Blockchain
Wagerr may be the great destination for people to go if they are always interested in having a sports betting for the fun yet secured way. Blockhain is also often said as the solution for the secured future betting. It is including for the sports betting in such the blockchains. If you already learned much about the blockchains then you may also realize how secure and fair it will be. The site of Wagerr offers the betting which is self regulating and also decentralized. That is why it may also deliver the secured, safe, yet private betting of sports all over the world which can be a good option for you in today’s life. That can also be great in reducing the risk. You can also find lots of sports for the betting which are also commonly there in the traditional or conventional sports betting as like football, golf, and orthers.

Stated to be Secured, Fair, and Accessible
As mentioned before, it is self regulating and also decentralized. It will provide the better fairness, accessibility, and of course the better fairness. That is what is stated and will be found from the site of Wagerr. The sports betting blockchain may be the new beginning for the great yet better sports betting in the future. That means people do not need to have much worry of the regulations which are possibly changing. Regulation and risk are not something which people need to deal with on Wagerr.

And again, there is good news that we can be part of this big project because in the near future the Wagerr team will announce their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in June 1st, 2017. Details about Wagerr ICO, so don't missed to participate on ICO soon!

Wagerr Team
  • David Mah, CEO
  • JM Maradiaga, CMO
  • Robert Christensen, Lead Developer
  • Thomas McLaughlin, Support Administrator
  • John Choi, Full Stack Developer
  • Frank Gadea, Senior Advisor
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: website or Join Slack to communicate with #WGR team!

Roadmap of Wagerr

  1. - Wagerr Bitcointalk Announcement
    - Wagerr Media Asset Packet
    - Full Website Launch
    - Twitter Bonus
    - Saignature Campaign
    - Twitter Bonus Ends

  2. - ICO Launch
    - Whitepaper
    - Wallet Demo
    - ICO Ends
    - Signature Campaign Ends
    - ICO Token Issuance

  3. Version 1: Head to Head Betting

  4. Version 2: Multi-User Betting

  5. Version 3: Direct on Chain Betting

Official Link
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