SpacePirate: Age of Rust, Anti Mainstream Game

Do You Want to Play Anti Mainstream Game? Let’s Play SpacePirate: Age of Rust
Playing game is always interesting to do. You can spend hours to play a fun game. There are some kinds and types of games available to play with. One of the interesting games is SpacePirate: Age of Rust. This game is extraordinary and anti mainstream to play. It is bringing you to reach in the space with some weird creatures. It looks scary but fun to face. Let’s play SpacePirate to enjoy the different experience in playing game.

Interesting Feature of SpacePirate
Multiplayer Game
A fun game should be played in multiplayer. When you are able to play with multiplayer, surely it is getting much more fun. You can play this spacepirate game with your friends. You can get involved your friends to enjoy across the planet through this game. Solving puzzles and battling rogue becomes the most fun and interesting feature experience during playing this game. You may also collect bounties hardly. It requires hardworking to handle it. You may play it alone or with the other players to enjoy the sensation of playing this combat game.

Being A Retro Mud Graphic Adventure and Experience
SpacePirate is bringing you to gain retro mud graphic adventure and experience. This is a very fun and dark adventure game in an entergalactic dystopian background. The background of this game is based combat against game enemies and players. You require apply the effective strategies to win this game. In addition, this game gets you play like dice with D&D game style. You shouldn’t make mistakes if you want to break the mystery and collect the rewards from the hidden treasures in this game.

Offering Fun and Different Challenges
Being a unique and different combat game, it makes SpacePirate become the ultimate choice to present fun challenges. To play this game, you need to combine brain, luck, and experience. Those features make you survive to beat enemies and players in this game. You may upgrade this game to ease you playing it. But, it doesn’t guarantee to win this game. SpacePirate is actually not designed to persuade you to purchase some fun things in this game. However, those things are required to create a winning occasion of you in this game. It is important to apply right strategies in playing this game and solving the puzzles. Why? It is caused that you are unable to buy puzzles and solutions. There are some features included like optional combat, turn based combat, blockchain, player created bounties, clans and leaderboards, defend your claim, and rain.



    - Login accounts
    - Character Profiles
    - Chatroom framework
    - Database and UI
    - Elements
    - Development frameworks
    - Game concept designs


    - Cryptographically secure-pseudorandom number generator
    - Player vs Player combat engine
    - Player vs Environment engine
    - Provably fair system
    - In-game chat, private messages


    - Two factor authentication
    - Bitcoin deposites and withdrawals
    - In-game buy/sell with bitcoin
    - Player vs Player
    - Opt-out/Opt-in
    - Account security enhancements
    - Game moderator funtions
    - Universe expansion system
    - Counterparty Token


    - Security testing
    - Player driven narratives
    - Weapons, Armor, Items
    - Defense strategy game-pay
    - Chatroom tips/rain
    - Alpha game testing
    - Enemy/experience scalling
    - RUSTBITS Token Sale
    - RUSTCHAIN Crads Sale


    - Beta game testing
    - Player Bounties
    - Player clans and leaderboardsQuests
    - Puzzles, Missions
    - Artwork conversions
    - Environmental sounds
    - Voiceover and scripts
    - Support integration

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