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These days, people can make business deals using cryptocurrency. Some of the popular ones are bitcoin and altcoin. With those particular currencies, they can buy and sell things online. For those who don’t have enough bitcoin for their business deal, they can buy bitcoin or borrow it. Borrowing bitcoin can cause certain risk for the creditors. If you want to lend some of your bitcoin, you can utilize IOU token at iou1.io to minimize risk.

Understanding IOU1 token
Before you utilize this particular token, you must understand more about it. IOU1 is a debt agreement. This agreement letter can be traded at Waves Dex. Waves Wallet is connected to iou1.io. Therefore, you can trade this letter easily. IOU1 token is a decentralized digital asset, widely known as a 'cryptocurrency' or 'altcoin', commonly used as a medium of exchange. This particular token is not only beneficial for creditors. It is also beneficial for you who want to have more assets. With IOU1 token, you will be richer than before.

Requesting IOU1 token
Requesting IOU token is very easy. You only need to send email to this platform. There is certain information that must be included in your email. It is important for you to send your Bitcointalk username or your name and Waves address. In addition, you must also write the explanation of why you want this token. The iuo1 support staff will put your request on the airdrop list. It takes around 24 hours to process your request. And you will get the respond from the support staff within 72 hours. Promo ends June 30th, 2017.

Most requests usually will be accepted by this platform. However, in some cases, the request may be rejected. One email address, Waves address, or person is only allowed to have one request. If you want to access your IOU1 token, you can do it via WAVES Wallet. As a result, you can make any transactions safely and conveniently.

At this IOU1 platform, you don’t need to worry about your transactions. It is because this platform is much secured. In addition, it offers smooth and easy trading. Therefore, you can have secure and swift business deals. Many cryptocurrency users have used this platform. And most of them are happy with the service it offers.

IOU1 token is perfect for debitors and creditors who want to have convenient, secure, and fast IOU agreement. It is because this token is different from common IOU. This particular token also offers you with more benefits than the standard IOU. That’s why you must consider this platform and start adding your IOU1 asset.
Why use the Waves platform for the IOU1
Because of it's many desired features, such as:
  • easily implement projects without have to write code, which saves time.
  • lightning-fast transactions!
  • Waves lite client is intuitive and simple to use, fitted for the average person.
  • Waves DEX allows you to trade IOU1 with other Waves assets right in your wallet.
  • highly secure by design, thanks to crypto blockchain technology.
  • decentralized network via Waves nodes, providing high redundancy and reliability.

IOU1 is obtained by trading Bitcoin or altcoins in a cryptocurrency exchange, such as the WAVES Decentralized Exchange (DEX), which is directly accessible in the waves lite client.
-   Waves Lite Client
-   Android
-   iOS
-   Waves GUI
-   Waves Lite Client Google Chrome App
-   Asset Info & Block Explorer

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