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Introduce of Voise
Nothing made me more confused than when I heard about the first Ethereum based music streaming and music downloading service. All I ever knew was I had to make changes to my music career if I wanted to succeed. Yes, being an independent artist is, as it turns out, not as easy as turning the palm of my hand. I thought my work would be done after I created a good music which would garner me a considerable viewings and followings online. I thought my work would be easier than having to work a 9-to-5 office job – I learned it the hard way, yet I would never dream of having it any other way.

Majority of people think being an artist is easy, they see what happens on the stage, never what happens behind the stage. For indie musician who has just started in the industry, the difficulties seem to magnify. At first I thought it was possibly due to my lack of know-how when it came to navigating myself around the industry, but then I realized it was not me – it was the system.

No matter how hard I worked in the past, I could not seem to earn the amount I deserved. It is not that I was being so disillusioned and demanding earnings as much as the a household name’s caliber, I simply wanted to earn as much as the effort and hard work I have put in over a long period of time. Being an indie artist, this is virtually impossible. Simply because I had to cut my portion for numerous expenses such as record labels’ hidden charges and commissions for third-parties, so what do I get in the end? This is the question which makes me feel like I have to find a fair alternative.

My search eventually led me to Voise. Voise is a decentralized music streaming and downloading platform that aims to minetize independent artists. The music platform does not only make it possible for users to stream music, it also makes it possible for all customers to download their favorite musics and share them. From the independent artist point of view, Voise is the most astounding concept of the century, simply because of its commitment to allow indie artists use the platform to monetize their artwork. The best thing from this? It allows indie artists like me to keep all of the profits I generate in the platform. With its intuitive and remarkable interface, this blockchain-based technology ensures that everyone can use it even with zero programming skills or knowledge regarding the blockchain technology.

Voise Team
  • Ivan Rossetti, Founder Of The Voise Platform
  • Isaac Rodríguez, Backend Developer
  • Ying Hao Chen, UI & graphic designer
For detailed Team Members descriptions please check out: https://voise.it/#team or Join Telegram to communicate with Voise team!
Voise team has plans to start the crowdfunding Campaign to collect the funds through ICO on May 6, 2017 until Jun 6, 2017. More detail about ICO, i will make review soon.

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